In my opinion, weird guest behavior

I am wondering why certain guests do not sleep between the sheets. It drives me crazy. What a waste of resources and time. I receive hight marks for cleanliness and some people call my listings spotless. I am thinking about adding something to my listing about my laundry methods. I use free and clear detergent and fabric softener only and have started using a product that claims to sterilize. I use hot water unless cautioned not to in washing instructions and in that case would use the sterilizer.

Also, I put out towels for the guests, and then point to the cupboard where there are more if they should need them. What is a good policy?

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I don’t understand how it’s a waste. You wash the sheets between guests. What the guests do, unless they damage them is irrelevant.

I do exactly the same and get all 5’s on reviews.

It is a waste because I wash the sheets again. I have to. I just wish they would get in the bed with the nice clean sterilized sheets and comfy blanket and enjoy the night. My guests indicate that the mattresses are very comfortable.

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I’m sorry but I can’t agree with this. It’s not a waste. The guest should so what they feel comfortable doing. It’s not the guests job to make the host comfy, it’s the hosts job to make the guests comfy.

I hope you find a way to deal with this so that it doesn’t continue to drive you crazy. But based on what I’ve read on this forum over the past 5 years this is a very minor problem.

Not everyone sleeps between sheets. It’s completely normal in some parts of the world to not use a top sheet.

What do they do then? I’m not sure that I understand. (In fact, I don’t understand).

How do you know how they sleep? And what do you think their reasons are for not using the sheets? I’m pretty baffled here. I’ve been doing this for a long, long time but I’ve never had guests (ever) who haven’t used the sheets.

I don’t see why it’s a waste of time and resources, either. Can you explain a bit more?

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I do not chastise my guests, I just think it is odd and wondered if anyone else had this issue; however, it is a waste of resources, isn’t it?

Impossible. You are going to launder regardless. Try thinking of it this way. If a guest slept between the sheets and has any kind of stain from whatever, say a shaving cut, you might have to launder the sheets twice. By not sleeping between the sheets it guarantees they will only have to be laundered once therefore guaranteeing that resources will be saved, not wasted.

There you go, sweet dreams tonight thinking of all the water your guests are saving!

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Seriously? I’ve had at least 8 or 10 different groups sleep between the top sheet and the duvet. I think that’s what they do instead of pulling the top sheet off when they aren’t used to having a top sheet. They were all groups from different countries. You can tell because of the way we make the bed, they haven’t pulled the top sheet back.

It doesn’t bother me though and I certainly don’t see how it effects resources.

How? I really don’t understand.

Yes, I like this. I’d much prefer the stains be on the top (flat) sheet. We have more of those :slight_smile:

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I had a guest recently that didn’t look like he slept in or on the bed at all and he didn’t shower either. The only thing I could figure was that in making the bed he endeavored to pull the sheets so tightly they would look unused or he just slept on the floor. I see some guests hauling in their pillows and blankets from the car but not this guy. It was odd, a first in about 800 guests. But not weird enough to drive me crazy.

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OK maybe it’s not driving me crazy, would exasperated do?

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You feel how you feel, but I try not to feel anything about guest behavior that I can’t control. I already offered the very best explanation I can think of to try to help you let it go but it doesn’t appear to resonate with you.

Perhaps someone will pop in who is also exasperated by guests who don’t get the sheets dirty.


3 out of 50 guests did not understand how to get inside the proper part of the bed. No worries, it was obvious and all got washed anyway. Now there is a small note in case they need direction… which sometimes gets wafted onto the floor, under the bed or into the nightstand drawer, I can understand: I grew up in a home with no duvets:)

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Looks great, @gypsy! What a fun place to stay.


Do you mean they slept on top of the sheets and under the bed cover? As OP described?

I really think that the guests who do it do so on purpose. People who aren’t used to having a top sheet really freak out about having one. They are just not comfortable under a sheet. I think it must be strange if you have never slept under one before.

Please, what does the note say? :slightly_smiling_face:

We have a fitted sheet, a duvet, 4 pillows, a decorative coverlet and 3 decorative pillows.
They slept on top of everything with the heater blasting.
They slept on top of the duvet with presumably their own quilt.
They slept on top of the duvet with another duvet of mine on top.
49/50ths of guests stuck the decorative items in the cabinet 15" away as instructed to do in person during check-in.
Re: the note, something about getting in between the duvet and the fitted sheet… I can’t copy it right now…
We have a guest, who happens to be a famous musician, and the owner of Villa Lena in Tuscany right now for 6 days!!! We have never hosted any longer than 3 days:) He seems pretty cool and I hope is here a little bit, and not living it up the WHOLE Time.

Oh, that’s a new one. I haven’t had anyone do that.

Truly. And remember that I’ve been hosting guests one way or another since 1980! I mean, it could be that I’ve never noticed in all those years you’d think I would do, especially in the old days of the B & B when I was making all the beds every morning.

And still I don’t understand the waste of resources thing.

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It used to be the custom, maybe still is, since I don’t travel much anymore, that a hotel employee would come

in - while you were out - pull down the sheets and often leave a chocolate on the pillow.

Maybe that was their way of making sure you slept between the sheets and not under the bedspread.

I like your idea of leaving a note.

Thank you all for sharing your experiences which have helped solve the puzzle: this behavior is out there and shows up a small percentage of the time.



The guests sleep between the bed spread and the top sheet. It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen.

It is a waste of natural resources because I have washed and dried everything on the bed and the guest didn’t properly enjoy the fresh sheets and bedding and I just wondered if other people have had this experience and am relieved to discover that I am not alone.

Thanks Everyone