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Implications of guest using host postal address for tax purposes and bank account (without permission)


I had a EU guest for an internship for a few weeks last month.
I have received to my address one letter from HMRC for him (tax code notice) and 2 from a bank as he’s opened an account using my address.
He never asked permission to do this - which is bad enough, but
I don’t know the implications for me, what should I do, and what should I tell him as he’s coming back next week for a further month internship.
Please help.


We had a guest that was a student doing an internship at the local community hospital. She used our address for various reasons and received mail. There were no long term negative effects.


Hi @delosbueis,

If you don’t like this, and I certainly would not, I suggest writing to him via Airbnb messaging, and tell him he’s not allowed to do that, and to stop using your address immediately. If he doesn’t respond, or doesn’t respond sensibly, involving Airbnb is certainly an option. I’m not sure whether doing this is a violation of house rules, but it certainly seems like undesirable behavior to me. Airbnb isn’t exactly reliable, so I’m not sure what their take on this would be. Did you mention this in your review of the guest?

Also, depending on how strongly you feel about this, Airbnb might be willing to cancel his upcoming booking. But I’d first write to him.

Personally, the worst thing that has happened to me involving my address is an incoming girl guest shipping stuff to my address without asking. The first I heard of it was her message telling me the stuff was on the way, and shortly afterwards the stuff arrived. I don’t mention minor stuff in reviews, but I thought this was quite bad, so I mentioned it in the review. And I believe that guests might occasionally use my address on visa forms and the like, if they don’t have any other address they can use locally. I don’t have a problem with that. And I’ve never received any correspondence for any guest at my address. But using your address for taxes and banks is definitely not ok, especially without asking you.


I would mark it return to sender and put it back out for the mailman. I would not even mention it to the guest, just send it back.



I have had hassle with mail and parcels so now it is in my house rules to ASK first, and I often say no because it will arrive after they’ve gone etc… I don’t know why guests think it’s ok, b&bs don’t normally suffer from it.


I’ve had this happen a few times - guests use my address for something but don’t ask first. When I start getting their mail I’ll tell them no way, but by then the damage is done. Three years later and I’m still getting bank statements for Mr. Hasselbach from Germany. The problem for me is that the apartment mailboxes here are small, and since I don’t live at these listings I don’t check the mail everyday. It doesn’t take long to have a box full of catalogues, statements, junk mail, etc. The catalogues come because the guest has had a package delivered, and that company now automatically adds the address to their circulation list. It’s a massive headache for me - receiving mail as well as receiving packages.


Thanks all for your advice. I definitely will speak to him when he comes again. It is not right to do things without permission, that´s for sure. I´m going to return the letters too.
Happy hosting! :slight_smile:


In ireland his tax, social welfare and public service number would be linked to your address.
By having proof of address he could obtain services he is not entitled to. If you were sick and claiming welfare, their identity would show up and could reduce level of your welfare entitlement.

( totally different system than usa)

My neighbour had a non eu student stay for a few weeks, they used their address to take out loans, claim social welfare, purchase a phone and get a credit card. Student skipped off and neighbours left with a huge headache and had collection agencies call to their house several times. I have it in my house rules.


I had a similar situation with a 3 night guest using my home for banking information. His idea of an apology was to say “I had no choice”.

In Canada this is fraud. I wrote “return to sender, no such person at this address” and reposted it. Let him deal with the fallout.


This problem wouldn’t even exist in Germany. Usually, postboxes have a name written on it, so if the postman cannot find the guest’s name on any of the postboxes - which he won’t, since nobody would have written it there - the mail couldn’t be delivered, and would automatically be returned to sender.

I found it intriguing to learn that in other countries, mail will simply be delivered to your address, regardless of the name written on the envelopes.


Interesting. Is Germany “fussier” than other countries, or is this just a particular quirk? Don’t get me wrong, I like fussy. Fussy is great.


We Germans are known to like rules. The more, the better. And we like adhering to the rules once they are in place.

I am German, but I have been living in other countries, too, so perhaps I am not your “typical German”. Actually, I prefer the English way of seeing the world: Lots of rules, yes. Adhering to the rules, certainly; but common sense, too. Always judging if the rules are appropriate.

Also, I am learning all the time from all those quirky Aribnb guests I welcome into my home.


There’s a lot to be said for having rules, and following them. But, of course, like anything else, there can be too much of a good thing.


If someone is a Tenant where else are they supposed to have their mail delivered.

Vast majority of my stays are short term so situation does not apply and I have a PO Box anyway.


I think if they are a tenant, then its different. I think its the short stay guests using your home address without your permission.

In the country, the post man would know all their houses and those living in them. Very different in the city. I dont know how German post people kept track with names and addresses.


Don’t you love when somebody brings this up on the forum, it happens!
I have had 2 international parcels arrive.
As I didn’t recognise the name - I opened them.
Two bottles of male enhancement pills :crazy_face::grinning:
They have been given to my son in law as a joke gift for a 21st.
But seriously- who does this…?


I like the German way more. They make better cars and there is less wee in public swimming pools. No mail for people who don’t live at your house sounds fantastic. I guess we Brits have our compensations.


If someone is a tenant receiving legitimate mail and parcels at the place they have rented is their right. They have a tenancy agreement and have provided a deposit, references, I.D., forwarding address etc., they are responsible for receiving the stuff and dealing with anything that goes wrong. This does not apply to a bed and breakfast guest in someone else’s home. It’s an extreme cheek and inconvenience if a guest staying a week or two gives out the host’s address without asking. It needs to be in the house rules for full host protection. What is to stop an unscrupulous guest using the address for a dodgy parcel etc.?
I had a 4 week guest who ordered loads of stuff knowing he wouldn’t be in during the day to receive it. My work and that of my neighbours was interrupted for a fortnight. Never again!


That’s funny but who knows what the pills contain. They should really go to a pharmacy for safe disposal; but then I won’t even put batteries in the landfill to stop pollution of the water table.


The previous owner of my house had a daughter who was a debtor. 6 years after I had bought the house the baliffs came round to collect on her debt. In England if you let them in or a door or window is open they can come in and take stuff. Scary. You don’t want that situation so don’t let guests use your address.
I emailed the previous owner and asked her to deal with her daughter. She said her daughter’s actions were not her responsibility. I said fine you can explain that to the bailiff from the comfort of your own doorstep. She then changed her mind and thanked me for giving her the opportunity lol.

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