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I'm encouraging bad reviews and I hope you will too


Yes, we’ve read them say so here several times over the years.

No, many of are not. There are some Americans though (not a stereotype but true) who believe that there should be a top sheet between the guests and the duvet cover because the cover isn’t laundered as often as it should be. That being said, they may be confusing a duvet with whatever bedspreads are called in the USA. But whatever you call it, every item on the bed that has been in touch with flesh needs to be properly laundered at every turnover.

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Jackie - I sent a long note directly to the host, outlining all of our issues, in hopes of alerting them w/o making a stink over it. I hope they take the criticism and improve their home.


Yep, it’s just you. I have white Amazon Basics polyester blend sheets in my guest rooms and the same sheets but colored in mine. I’ve never found them uncomfortable, and neither have my guests. I’ve never had a complaint or comment about the sheets.


Polyester anything (sheets, clothing) will kill ya in a hot, humid climate. I.e., not SE AK.


I can assure you its not just @KarenWV . I too would not be comfortable on polyester sheets.

I follow the model of the hotels I stay in that use duvet covers and top sheets.
I have multiples sets of matching white high thread count Cotton Bedding Set: (mattress sheet, top sheet, and duvet cover, 2 pillow cases + 2 shams) Every piece gets replaced between guests and gets washed, whether or not the guest tells me they weren’t used.

If a guest hasn’t commented, it doesn’t mean they were OK with it; it just means they made do. In contrast, many of my guests have commented about how comfortable the bedding and linens were, and a few have asked where to get them.

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