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Idea for an Experience—Vintage 1950s

We don’t have a 1950s-style house, but I know there must be Airbnb hosts who do. It would be sort of cool to host an experience that includes 1950s meals. You know, Jell-O with fruit in it, classic meatloaf made with ketchup, etc. All served on melamine dishes, of course.

Maybe even prepping a 1950s meal as part of the experience. Something in aspic for sure.

In my area, we can serve food without needing inspections or permits as long as we don’t charge separately for the food. We say our breakfast is complimentary. I’m sure that varies by location.


Ugh. Who would want to eat that food?


I would. I belong to a FB group called Vintage recipes. Its fun to remember things we used to eat.


I agree about the food. But doing something like that as an experience could be fun.

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Check your insurance and local regulations if you start providing prepared food! Sounds like a cool idea, I’d just wonder about the interest level. Seems like it would work best in an area with lots of STRs - would set you apart.

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My whole place is vintage 1950’s, and considered an experience by many guests! But most people don’t eat that way any more, they make healthier choices.


If the food doesn’t smell like cigarrette smoke it’s not authentic.


Daddy with his cig, with his cup of instant coffee and a donut. Breakfast of champions.


Disney’s been doing it for awhile:



The Beeliner Diner on 45th in Seattle was opened in the 80s and closed about 10 yrs ago. They made a whole thing about 50s diner culture, with waitresses calling out orders in diner short order slang. Wednesday was their busiest day — the daily special was meatloaf with incredible garlic mashed potatoes.

It was grandma’s food on steroids. Great pies. But the owner finally wanted to do something different. Too bad! I used to drive from Renton to Wallingford just for the meatloaf or the incredible pies.


I remember the Beeliner Diner having lived in Seattle from mid 70’s to early 90’s.


Yes, a 50’s themed home or experience would definitely have to be “smoking allowed”. In fact, it should really be encouraged, a la the ads with actors dressed as doctors, telling the viewing public that the cigarette they were advertising was the “healthy” choice.

I have a jell-o salad that I bring out at Christmas and Thanksgiving, but I pretty much know none of the guests will like it much. I make it for myself and the other oldies.

My family does like my meatloaf, and I guess my daughter talked about it enough that her friend requested that my daughter should bring some meatloaf for the friend’s Chinese family to try. It was decidedly not a hit, lol.


We also call our breakfast complimentary. There is someone for every experience driven by the type of travelers and locals in a given area. Vintage diners are popular so this might be marketable in an area where those are a success.

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There is a market for everything, I can’t say I would eat the 1950’s themed food unless there were some diner style burger but I like the idea. To expand on this, I think this could be a great direction for more themed experiences that pertain to you property design and location. Definitely could make some vintage diners and travelers who seek this type of thing very happy.

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I will be doing this!

We own an Art Moderne (aka International style) house built in 1950. It has the knotty pine paneled den, pink bathroom fixtures in main bathroom (and a lavender sink and toilet in the powder room!), the original stainless steel Tappan wall oven, etc.

We bought it several years ago, started renovations (not removing any original stuff) and we will be finishing the renovations in the next year or two. I’ve been collecting period furnishings and we intend to make it a fifties “time capsule” house and offer it as a short term furnished rental. I’m really looking forward to getting into it!

At the moment, I’m thinking we will offer it on VRBO (as well as doing direct booking), and I may offer it on AirBnB initially, just to build a client base.

I think this house will be so much fun to do! I can’t wait to finish my current project (kitchen and bath reno on another house that we are selling and which will provide the money to do the fifties house).


Great thoughts! But, what if your guest are vegan, diabetic, on a strict diet, etc.? You may want to have the packages so jello and can fruit set aside for them to make. We have one time use ketchups, mustards, mayonnaise, hot sauce, etc. (ALL in small, sealed, glass containers) to use.

Now the meatloaf, that’s another story. We wouldn’t want to provide if our Airbnb guest has allergies to the ingredients or Vegan and if they get sick . . .

Our .2 cents. CHEERS!

An “experience” is a separate event that a guest can book. Why would someone on special diet buy an experience where they eat meat and fat laden 50’s food?


Not ALL in the group would participate. They would just be glad to join. We had Airbnbers that one of the guest was allergic to garlic, one has MS (dietary restrictions), non-alcoholic, etc., but, just wanted to join in the “experience”. FYI, they brought their own food/drinks.


Love this— wonder how I would do similar with my 60’s pad—

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