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I would like to take a poll on check in/check out times

I am getting a studio/efficiency ready for rent that will have a maximum of 2 guests. So there won’t be any families trying to pack up stuff last minute…just 2 guests…only one of those guests can be a child.

In order to prepare the current whole home rental, and the efficiency (in the same day) I will need to coordinate check in and check out times OR I will need to outsource one for cleaning.

So this is my question. If you lived only an hour to a few hours away, and wanted to get your vacation started early…how do you feel about being able to check in at noon, but being required to check out by 9 a.m.?

In my area the average check out time is 11, but average check in time is 3 or 4 p.m. Some places do not allow you to check in until 5 p.m. and may require you to check out by 10 a.m. So it definitely varies.

Keep in mind the guest max will be 2 people. I get many guests saying they will be in the area in the morning, but of course they have to wait until 4 p.m. to check in.

Would a check in time of noon, and check out of 9 a.m. work for you and the one other person you would bring? Why or why not?


My check out time is 11 am and I get very few tourists. Most travelers here have a 5 to 12 hour drive ahead of them and yet very few get what I would call an early start. So while 9 am is not early for me I think that is too early for the vast majority of people. If you set it at 9 you would have guests checking out late which would cause more headaches than juggling the cleaning schedules. My check in time is 3 pm but will let people come earlier if the room is ready. I don’t list that, it’s by request only.


Thanks for the feedback.

Maybe I should reword. So for you personally (since sounds like you are an early bird) would you prefer to start your check in at noon and be fine with 9 a.m. checkout?

Or would you prefer 11 a.m. and have a check in of 3 p.m.?

I am just wondering if there is enough of a market out there with couples traveling with no children…

In my area many people like to hike, etc.

I would never rent a holiday accommodation with a 9AM checkout, but I am a late sleeper.

Most of my guests checkout at 10AM (Checkout at my listing is before noon).

9AM sounds really early but I think 10AM would be fine. I know that the main vacation rental operator around here has a 10AM check-out time, they must have researched the topic :slight_smile:

Bart - Okay…I prefer to sleep late too. However, I could easily be out the door at 9 a.m. if it was a trade off for me being able to check in 4 hours early.

But for you…no go I take it??

I think 9 am is too early and will hurt your bookings as well as result in people who book anyway and then don’t check out on time.

Absolutely no-go for me and my partner. From what I can see with my guests, families with young children tend to checkout earlier (many children wake up early) than couples.

But I am in an urban location, I can totally picture people who are into wilderness/hiking being used to wake up early.

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Check out @ 9AM is a no-go for us too. We’re on vacation, dagnabbit! Here at the cabana we ch3ck-in at 4 and out at 11.


Our rental (separate apartment but very close by) also has a maximum of two people. Our check in time is 4pm and check out is 11am. And I need most of those hours to prepare the place.

I rarely find that guests want to check in before 4 pm but I do let them leave their luggage before that time if they want to. (In my apartment, not the rental). Some guests leave really early to catch their flights and I’ve only had one instance where they weren’t out by 11 am.

When I am staying at a place, I prefer an 11 am checkout. Anything before that is too early. We are very early risers - we are up before dawn - but I like to pack leisurely plus tidy the place before we leave. Before 11 is too much like the hustle and bustle of regular life - on vacation, it’s nicer to be relaxed.


Almost all of my guests have told me that they will be checking out “early;” no later than 9:15, and not one of them has managed to make it out the door by that time. I am seeing 9:30-10:00 AM as the “natural” checkout time. Based on this, I have moved my checkout time to 10:30am, though, if asked, and I know that that evening is open or has a late arrival, I accommodate the request.

This is a private floor in my house; not a separate dwelling. In general, it takes me two hours to turn the room since I am not cleaning a kitchen.

I do that too and will accommodate early check ins if I can. I’ve had guests leave at as early as 4 am to catch their flights so I let the next guests know that the place is available for them earlier than the normal check in time.

Interesting responses that there are no early birds in this group who would prefer to get their vacation started earlier. Keep in mind many of guests are only driving an hour to an hour and a half away.

Another thing too is the new place (compared to the current rental) will not have a grill to be cleaned, kitchen where they can fully cook, etc. - therefore, none of the last minute rushing around to wash dishes and start the dishwasher, etc. will need to happen.

No washer/dryer provided…so no last minute loads of laundry. They will be provided complimentary breakfast items with a toaster oven and microwave. So some of the things you would normally do to tidy up…won’t be taking place.

They will have a nice deck to sit out on and drink their early morning coffee though…

I just get so many people almost begging to get in early…

I wake early but don’t want to be rushed out the door, so would be looking for a late (11ish) check out. Also prefer to check in by mid day-2pm.
I’ve set my check in/out times at 12 noon for both.
I have set my calendar to block the day before and after bookings so figure I can be generous on this. (I don’t want the stress of doing a same day change over)
Typically 'tho, guests don’t usually check in before 3 and often leave well before 12 (this mornings guest left at 6am)

Check out is 11am and check in is 3pm.

Australia - so even though you prefer to check into a place by mid day - 2 p.m. …you would not select a rental that allowed that if you had to be out by 9 a.m.?? You would prefer later check in to be able to check out later on day of departure??

That’s my point for this poll Ken. So many say they are on vacation and don’t want to wait till 4 p.m. to check in. But if they aren’t willing to tradeoff for an early check out then of course it is a no go.

Personally, I would opt for a later check out since I NEVER get to sleep in if I am at home. I rent two rooms in our home with a 6:00 PM check-in and a 1:00 PM check out. Most of my guests are okay with such a late arrival since they are coming from work most of the time. I am surprised I stay about 95% booked with two rooms using this late of a check in time. I do it because it is convenient for me…I work full time and cannot be home before 5 or 5:30 to clean the rooms. They usually do not stay until 1:00. I am at work when they leave but they are usually out between 9:00 and 10:00 unless it is a weekend, then they stay and hang out with us.

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I think check OUT time is more important than check IN, and as a traveler would definitely prefer to sleep/hang out past 9 on my last day if I could. :slight_smile:

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Okay…so 9 people so far who would prefer to check in later in order have a later check out. (And this is only traveling with one other person).

Only myself and (possibly K9) might prefer to tradeoff a very early check in order to be out at 9 a.m.

Keep the responses coming please…

I could handle a 10am checkout but not 9am. Also, I love checkins that begin at 3pm!

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