I will be checking in at 12:00

So they just showed up, walked around jiggling doorknobs trying to get in, and then while standing at the door decided to check messages. She messaged me oh ok, we will come at 4:00 then, is there a lockbox to get in? I replied yes there is a code, I will check with housekeeping and see if they finished up. Meanwhile I need you to accept the money request and snap a picture of your ID. While I was typing that they left the property. Have not heard back yet. I will let them in once we are squared away on the tax I do not want them waiting in the rain. I do blame AirBnb more than them on this for giving them the option to tell me when they are arriving, ahead of check in…


Could they send a photo of the passport to you upon self check in?

Gotta love people who conveniently don’t check messages
Oops I turned up 4 hours early silly me
A slap with a glove should be legal


What about showing it to you at the door via a doorbell camera?

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Even better if they are uncomfortable having it photographed

Yes, picture of drivers license. I have never had pushback on this.
All is good, they are settled in and enjoying the cabin.



This happens to us quite a bit. I’ll send them a second letter 4 days before check-in, which is actually a forwarding of the first letter I sent. I explain that I’m worried they didn’t get the first letter, to check their spam, and they will need a code to open the locked gates. If I still don’t hear. I’ll call. If I still don’t hear, I still give hem the benefit of the doubt and leave an envelope on the gate with their name, and how to get in. They are always very gracious and apologetic upon arrival - 2 things seem to get in the way of their answering. They are deep in preparations for an event they are coming her for, like a wedding. Or their English is not very good, and they did not understand my letters.


This is all absolutely illegal in EU PRIVACY laws

You cannot take or ask for photos of ID documents.

You have to take I into your hand, view it yourself, and copy down the info.

Asking for a photo! Super easy!! But illegal here!

She doesn’t care about your rules. She doesn’t have much equity.

"Thanks for your interest. Good luck, and God Bless "

Are you saying I should have cancelled the booking?

As it turned out she was fine, second one nighter guest in a row who did not even shower or use towels. They did not cook either, just a couple coffee cups, my kind of guest.



Review just came in, 5 stars overall but 4 on location because she said it was hard to find. Oh well. Next!


Never got a response from guests via booking .com
So frustrating.
Never got pre payment either. I ended up dumping them.

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BDC does not collect payments for you, they give you the CC number. No response to what? I have never had to respond to the guest or they to me. They book, I charge the CC that day including an actual real security deposit.


BDC never gave me the CC details. They were always hidden.

I tried to email guests to let them know I will need to know what time they will be arriving to arrange check in. Never got any responses.

Kind regards,

I have let guests abuse my check-in and checkout timings ever since I have started hosting. One of my current guests didn’t even tell me when he is going to come and arrived at 4 AM. On top of that he didn’t even gave a fake apology. He acted as if it was absolutely normal for him to arrive unannounced at anytime. Saw his profile, he probably is new to Airbnb.

Also almost all the time guests either want to check-in early or checkout late. 90% of my guests had such requests. I try to accommodate as many as possible but it is getting really frustrating adjusting my timings and I dont even have a huge gap between checkout and checkin timings. 11 AM checkout and 1 PM.

I am afraid of all the negative reviews and always give guests the edge for their stay.

I can feel ya. I cannot even take credit card, since my country has restrictions on getting payment appoved solely by having credit card number.

Have recieved 9 reservations from BDC all cancelled.

BDC has spoiled guests.

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Well then stop doing that, and leave a reasonable gap between bookings.

Nobody can take advantage of you without your permission.



At least not more than once!

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I’m not clear why the rant. Yes, she should have contacted you first, but I think it’s simply a matter of informing her of the extra charges, which if you have in your rules, should not be news to her.

I have a fee for early check-in and fee for late check-out. My rules are clear as to how early, an early check-in can be and the fee goes up the later the check-in becomes (if I have to stay up to accommodate a guest, they need to pay). I also state that the fees must be paid before entry into the home (which is easy because we use a code and simply don’t give them the code until all has been paid).

Maybe the guest couldn’t find the inquiry button to ask an that’s why she did instant book but mentioned the times to you?

For us, getting a keyless entry keypad has changed our lives. At least half the time that guests arrive, we are out, but they can enter and make themselves at home by typing in the code. We’ve had no problems. We change the code about once a month.