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"I need to stay in the guide"


Forester from Canada has messaged me that he needs to stay in the guide (he’s due to arrive Monday).
I’ve replied that I don’t know w what he means, he has yet to write again.

What can he mean. He has broken English, ie, “hello,I am here to travel”


I hope he doesn’t mean Girl Guide…


well he’s not having my woggle




I wonder what word auto correct would turn into the word “guide”


Yeah! I have a garage, for parking…


Let us know if he needs the garage. Is that part of the rental?


optional extra, but he’s coming from canada. Unless he wants to park a car rental


Maybe that is it!! 3020202020


If you’re certain your guest wrote “guide” for “garage” (although Canadians use the term “car park”), then maybe your guest wants to stay in the garage. … :grin:


Well, if he’s from Canada and has broken English then he probably speaks French. And the French for guide is … um … guide. :slight_smile:


I want to do the things in the tourist guide???


no-ones certain Toesies!

He wrote ‘guide’, but I don’t know what he means.


Blimey and we have to wait until check in time on Monday to find out…


SandyToes, are you creating fake news?
I’m Canadian. I’ve never heard anyone refer to a garage as a car park. At least, on the West Coast, a garage is a garage, belonging to a home, and a car park is a public parking area.


Wow, @astralita12, do you have a bone to pick with me? Why would you direct such an accusatory and rude remark to me in response of my non-offensive comment?

I’ve hosted many Canadians for almost eight years and parking is in the attached multi-story, car park, public parking facility…whatever you want to call it.

But, of course, if you’ve never heard it called a car park by a Canadian, then it must be so. … :roll_eyes:


Gite? 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2


Yeah, I think JamJerrupSunset is correct. it might be gite


Oh dear, I was so joking with suggesting you were creating “fake news.” I had no idea such an absurd comment could be considered accusatory and rude.
I’m very sorry.


No, please, it’s my fault for the knee jerk reaction. I’m on day four of a miserable head cold. I’m up for a drink…can’t breathe, can’t sleep, got a deep croup-y cough…the whole nine yards. I’m not surprised my usual light-hearted reactions are out of whack - I’m a mess. – :sneezing_face: :face_with_thermometer: Apologies to you as well.

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