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I need to Cancel Two Reservations due to Health Issues


I am very worried about having to Cancel two Reservations and if there are consequences from Airbnb? I had a very bad Fall about 10 days ago and landed on my knees. I am 74 years old and already have some physical issues with my legs which just complicated things more. My MRI showed I have need Surgery Repair now on my knees and my doctor wants to start the end of April. When we have Airbnb Guests we leave in our Motor Home. At this point I cannot begin to be able to walk up the stairs or get into cramped front seat. I have a weekend scheduled April 27-29 and May 3-5 and need to Cancel them.
I feel bad for the people because they both made these Reservations in November… and wonder if Airbnb is going to fine me money or ??


No, hosts are also entitled to penalty free extenuating circumstances cancellations. Call Airbnb. Cancel right away so your guests can find another place. Best wishes for a quick recovery.


Sounds like Extenuating Circumstances. Speak to Airbnb immediately, explain situation and you should be fine.


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I am so sorry to hear about you fall and damage to your knees, and hope your surgery goes well. The advice given already should set your mind at rest, although you may well have to provide some documentary evidence to Air.

I understand your feelings if these guests booked in November but you have no choice; you cannot physically carry on at the moment. The sooner you speak to Air and cancel, the more time people will have to re-book, and you can always send them a personal message with your regret and apologies.


Have your doctor write a note “patient is advised to be on bed rest from dates X to X” call support, tell them you have an ec and need to cancel. They will cancel on their end so there are no penalties to you and they’ll refund guest with an extra 10% to rebook elsewhere.


If you want to be extra helpful to guests but it’ll take you a few days to get the documentation from your physician, support can do a cancel by host which will free up the guest’s money allowing them to book elsewhere. Then, within 14 days, upload your documentation to that agent and it’ll change to cancel by admin and all penalties will be waved and automated review removed from you cancelling.

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I have just been on the phone with Airbnb for 45 minutes! The Lady was very polite and handled canceling the Reservations and kept putting me on hold talking to someone else and trying to reach Customer Service. Supposedly CS is going to call me… She said I am going to be charge $100.00 which will be taken out of future Reservations! And these dates will be blocked. (of course I don’t care because I can’t do them anyway) Then if I cancel one more time in a year I am cancelled. I told her I am going to get a Doctor Letter to support my decision and she “implied” that if I do maybe I won’t be charged the $100.00. But never really said it… I am relieved and disappointed it can’t work out because both of these Reservations are with People who had excellent references and I felt good about. I hope Airbnb helps them get another place, because they each have big plans for their visits. The problem in my town is we have had to absorb 30,000 folks that are homeless from the Paradise Camp Fire. The whole town was basically destroyed including the Business’ these people worked for…


So, the customer service representative treated it as a host cancellation and not as extenuating circumstances.


Theyd have to until there is documentation to back it up


This person you talked to kept trying to contact Customer Service???

What kind of flunky is she and why did you not ask to speak directly to Customer Service before explaining anything???


Blimey! That’s a really interesting piece of info. Helpful and thanks.


Once you have the medical documentation, as per our new Insider Informant, ring back and ensure you are speaking to a proper customer service rep, not a junior/trainee or whatever.

I’m spitting tacks on your behalf.


I can emphasize. After hurricane Florence, housing in my area was scarce because of so many families needed housing after being flooded out.

You are cancelling far enough in advance your guests at least have a chance to find alternate housing.

Keep pushing for the extenuating circumstances cancellation.

I hate this happened to you. Is there another host in your area who could co-host for you while you can’t clean the property? Depending on how much work the co-host is doing, you may need to pay them well but at least you would have some income.

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Just make sure to upload your doctor’s note to the assigned case manager and they MUST change it to a CBA and no fees or SH penalties to you. An extenuating circumstance is always treated as a cancel by host (or guest) until proper docs are uploaded and verified, don’t sweat it.

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Yes, I am going to get a Note from my Doctor.
The problem is he has been out of town but will be back this week. He should be sympathetic to the cause because he just told me last visit his wife has a House in Sacramento that she is getting ready to rent through Airbnb. I have another job coming up in May but my daughter-in-law is coming to help and take my to her house. She has been out of state taking care of her Mother and will be back to help me…the job is only 2 days. I am now questioning if I want to do Airbnb again after my knees are repaired. The Insurance is costly, a lot of work putting our personal stuff in the locked Office, and paying for an RV Park. We have came to prefer on 2 or 3 nights- the longer jobs seem to have the potential to be a hassle.


I had extenuated circumstances this time last year. My doctor downloaded his actual notes! But I sent these along with a copy of my prescription. No probs.

Another trip to the doctor may be painful. Any chance you can ask him/her for one and a friend pick it up?


I got the Note from my Doctor and sent it to Cudtomer Service and within 15 minutes they removed my Fine of $100! Yes🤗



Sounds like people helping people in California. Airbnb is a pretty nice community for the most part. I really enjoy the guests I have. Many of them have helped me deal with the weather and been understanding when mother nature takes hold.

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