'I Lost My Life to Airbnb'

Sort of a ‘A Million Little Pieces’ addiction story for AirBNB


I knew I had seen variations of that story before. She’s gotten a lot of mileage out of it.


She sure has. That’s the way of the world these days.


I probably should have refrained from posting something with original date from earlier this year.

It seems to be analogous to music , where she appears to be a “one hit wonder” with a song being replayed over and over again.


  • “Macarena” – Los Del Rio (1996)
  • “Tainted Love” – Soft Cell (1982)
  • “Come on Eileen” – Dexys Midnight Runners (1982)
  • “I’m Too Sexy” – Right Said Fred (1991)
  • “Mickey” – Toni Basil (1982)
  • “Who Let the Dogs Out?” …
  • “Ice Ice Baby” – Vanilla Ice (1990)
  • "Take on Me” - A-ha (1985)

In September it’s so crazy here that I have been known to sleep on the couch for a night. The first is the busiest day of the year.


Hmm, exposed landlord to additional liability and neighbors to potential disruption and wear and tear affecting future rents, bribed the doorman (although she says in one of the other articles that her lease doesn’t “explicitly prohibit” being an Airbnb host, absence of a sublet prohibition in a lease agreement would be unusual, and why would she lie and call it a “ruse” if the activity were allowed?), put guests at risk of getting booted, advised other people to follow her example – then gets clicks for humble bragging about it? I assume she paid taxes because Airbnb would collect local/state tax and send a 1099 for the amount she probably made, but I’m guessing she didn’t get the required permit.
I’m not a fan of the gig economy that doesn’t allow people to make a living wage or have the protection of health, insurance and retirement benefits, and may push people over some legal edge, but geez, if you’re operating under the table, shhh, stay under the table!


Like so many who post here. Do your thing, yah, but why post without shame about it?

Don’t get me started on health care. You all deserve the best.