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I just can't believe it


So I was perusing Airbnb and ran across this:



This is when I start liking Airbnb again! I think it’s great. Takes me right back to being a student in the '70s. But hopefully without the rats…


I find two things, maybe three, appealing. First, there’s a bar next door. Second, it has AC which is essential in this location. Third, I do love a good sense of humor and this host has that. And in his defense there isn’t another Airbnb around for about 100 miles. Still, it’s really not a good representation of the brand.

Maybe they should have a category called AirbnbMinus.


And people actually booked! He has two reviews.


Someone in my village posted a very similar one yesterday but not as charming or funny.

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Great for a film location? At least it is honest. You get what you pay for and if there is nothing else in the area.


Exactly. I bet it’s not nearly as bad as it looks: an extreme case of under-promise and over-deliver! I don’t care that it’s “not a good representation of the brand”. In fact, the opposite. I don’t like the fact that Air has abandoned it’s roots.


hahaha…I have a former acquaintance who wanted my ex to paint her spare bedroom so she could set it up for Air. I went over there and found 8 dogs, two of which pee on the living room carpet (so every few days she uses a carpet cleaner machine), a one bath which was torn up and the shower barely works, and crummy crummy rest of the house. It was awful. Surprisingly, she has rented it out once in a while. At $37 a night, its a place to rest your head. But I did note that there is an Air fee of $5 per night and a tax of $1. So maybe its not such a good value at I thought at $43 a night.


i guess I should be glad places like this exist. More and more my guests are telling me that their Airbnb was horrible and that mine is “the best they’ve ever stayed in.” Again, great for me but not for growing the brand/business/whatever.

As for pining for days gone by that’s not my style. Never has been, never will be.


What a wee palace, but then again I’m from Glasgow :slight_smile:



Me neither but there’s nothing wrong in being glad to see truly quirky places still be listed on Air, surely?


Quirky, yes. Buses, yurts, planes, treehouses, tepees, farms, wagons, tiny houses, former churches and school houses, caves, boats, bubbles, cabooses, shipping container, Quonset huts, lighthouses, gosh I’ve seen so many quirky Airbnb’s that I’d like to stay at. Clean and in good repair and minimum standards for me.

But hey, it’s a free country and if people want to pay to stay in a place like this, who am I to object? Now to go find the nudity and prostitution listing…


Omg that’s a horrible place. I can’t believe people actually stayed there. I’d be afraid I’d catch something not good.


Well exactly! Nobody is forcing anyone to stay anywhere.


Somebody here wanted $15/nt for a tent in the backyard. Another host offered a military van.

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So far I’ve stayed in a schoolbus and a chicken feed room on Air.


A guy in my town used to rent out rooms on AirBnB and also tent space in the backyard, where he encouraged people to pee on the plants. And they did. And he got lots of great reviews! I think the city shut him down, though. The listing is gone.


How cool, I would not stay there specifically but if I was staying a week in a hotel nearby for instance I may well book a night & stay in it just for the quickyness seeing as it’s only £23 a night.


There is this one: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/7254398
Talk about mixed reviews.


2 bad ones out of 27. Seems in the 2 that the host had not done a turnover. Oh well, regardless I’d say the positive reviews made up for it, for what you are getting!

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