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I just can't believe it


That’s what in Australian mining camps is know as a “donga”.


I can see a certain type of person staying there and putting the photos on Instagram.

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I’m afraid that I would :slight_smile:


OMG :astonished::astonished::astonished:

It looks like the place you go and get serial-killed! :dizzy_face:

I love the honesty tho and the catchy title: Goldfield Slums :joy::joy::joy:

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You’d most def catch rashes and get bitten by multiple bugs and fleas @MtnGal

It looks like something out of a movie about really poor people who don’t have teeth and play banjo’s.
I’ve never seen a listing that horrifying in my life. I’m schocked that it’s listed AND that people have actually paid to stay there :astonished:

Great find @KKC!


I’ve been in this part of the country (gold mining country) and that’s exactly what it is and presents itself to be a mining camp shanty. Bars, prostitutes, guns and mines are about all that are around those parts.


Me, too. @jaquo. My curiosity always overcomes what family and friends call good sense. :slight_smile:


That is it, exactly. :slight_smile:

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I just noticed the Versace poster on the bedroom wall.



Ha! Reminds me of:


I talk to people all the time who think it’s a real store.

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I once stayed in the cheapest place in Ibiza… I called it ‘The Refugee Camp’. The listing was sparse on detail and in bad English. There were several listings for the same apartment, that seemed like separate rooms to be shared with other guests, and I was ok with that. What I didn’t quite understand was that each listing referred to a mattresses on the floor in a tiny studio flat with a live-in host (one listing that cost a bit more was for a precious space on the host’s double bed). I was kept awake all night by the host snoring in the bed while I was staring into his arse crack as his underpants were a bit low and he’d thrown off his blanket due to the heat. I was offered a ‘free upgrade’ to share the double bed with him but I humbly turned it down :rofl:

It was an odd one… and strangely fun as the other guests and I bonded over the experience and we all had fun and drinks together at night. I managed to escape to a friend’s luxury apartment where I met a local journalist. I sneaked him into the studio flat and he was horrified and promised to write an article on the issue of sub standard lodgings on the island.

The listings aren’t live now or else I’d include a link.


You have to love a “quirky place!” I think it’s all about finding your niche or USP, and then going all out to promote it. Sometimes potential guests like a place that’s a bit off-beat!

E.g. A feed grain store in a barn that’s been turned into an Airbnb room - that’s being promoted for it’s closeness to animals and the guest can even help feed the animals! A great example of making the most of what you have!

I agree totally with the under-promise over-deliver ethos btw, guests love to be unexpectedly wowed by a place don’t they! A few nice surprises can encourage your visitors to leave a good review.


LOL that was probably a good call :joy:

Let us know when the article’s out, ay? @eyeborg :grinning:


If you’d been to Goldfield you’d understand this a little more.
It’s representative of the area… There’s not a great deal there apart from a great little bar, lots of history and the nicest, friendliest & most helpful people you’re likely to find.
A few years ago we broke down in an RV & we were helped immediately by the lovely people of Goldfield.
Anyone knocking this has never backpacker around Asia!


Guilty as charged. Then again, I don’t consider Airbnb “backpacker.” Oh well.

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LOL!! I got a good laugh out of this slum.


Could you please pinpoint this exact location. Asking for a friend


Versace on the floor… Along with the ceilings and the walls


I wish I’d noticed how many views he had when I first stumbled on it. This week he has 300+. I doubt he check it but if he does I’m sure he thinks it’s a glitch.

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