I had great guests for Christmas

My guests for Christmas were fantastic. They were here for ten days and I even treated them to a drive through our city’s Festival of Lights, and we exchanged Christmas presents. They left this morning and left this on the fridge:

It was a nice reminder of why I do this. Fantastic guests like these help me forget the difficult ones.


Wonderful! Happy holidays to you!


“Guests were reasonably clean, but the left the refrigerator a mess”. :wink:

My Xmas guests also were exceptional … must be the holiday sprit.


I also had amazing guests for the holiday.


My Christmas guest was a female Thai bartender in between contracts on Carnival cruise ships. She was disappointed that we had little snow for Christmas, so I took her to Mendenhall Glacier where it was 10 degrees colder and she could walk in snow and make her first snowball. She should be happy in Anchorage today, where they got a lot of snow.


I wish I could say the same. I just got through cleaning the kitchen for what was my 2nd messiest guest ever (the group that threw the party is still #1) and it is the shortest turnover I’ve had in 6 months. Nothing other guests haven’t done before (stained sheets, stained towels, dirty stove top, dirty oven, dirty kitchen floor, lots of dishes put away dirty) just too many things combined. Plus, the coffee machine carafe is cracked and the guest shaved his beard and clogged up the bathroom sink with hair. The family also apparently used 1 towel per day per person. Normally, I wouldn’t care since they have to wash them when they run out. However, they did just that, and now 12 out of 16 of my white bath towels are dingy and covered with dark lint balls due to being washed/dried with something dark. Uggggghhh!


I hate when people do this. If they can’t get it clean I wish they would just leave it in the sink. And I have a dishwasher that works great, they could just run it through there!

This particular group put away dozens of pieces of silverware and cooking utensils that had food all over the handles, but not the ends. It was odd. I assume either the person that put them away had food all over their hands or the person that handwashed them didn’t bother to wash the handles. Oh well, the house is clean and functional and I’m having some bourbon.


Bourbon is my friend. Waft… waft…

This makes me grateful that my new cabin only has service for four. After the 3rd stay I had to rewash everything, silverware and glasses spotted, plates not cleaned well and already missing a coffee cup, but I need to check my office I may have carried it down myself…


We had exceptional totally wonderful guests over Christmas - love them, hope they will find time & opportunity to return


Isnt that awesome? Some guests I am so sorry to see go. We just had guests that left us beer, a present, and we didnt even see them or know they were here the entire 23 days. They did not whine, complain, or even ask to do laundry! AND they left an amazing review! My kind of guests l! Then there are those whom you can’t wait to see the backs of! Its incredible how different people are!