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I don’t like my current guest

This guy besides being weird… you know when you meet someone and can feel they are a bit off. That’s how I feel. He cooks bacon every day, a huge pan full and refuses to use the splatter guard I set out for him. He is using a fork scratching my pan and my BF is there telling him to use the spatula and he replies I don’t like rules. I’m at work away from home I go home tomorrow I don’t want to blow up at him but I will if I see it especially after he has been told. Also I have a fridge in the rom for guests when he checked in he asked where his food goes I told him in his room… he puts it in my fridge anyway. I sent a message to Airbnb if they can find him someplace else as it’s a 3 week booking. Any suggestions welcome? Yes I’m charging him for the pan damage!

Get RID of him

“sent a message”!?!?
I would suggest you phone AirBnB customer service for immediate resolution.
Guest has blatant disregard for your home.


3 weeks in a shared house? I could not imagine more than 3 days.

If you kick him out you get a one star review, do you have enough 5 star reviews to absorb a 1 star? If so I would show him the door.

Good luck


Edited to add, take away the metal forks and utensils, all of them. Leave some plastic forks for this asshat to use on his bacon.


This is the first person I’ve had any issue with. How do you go about kicking someone out? Just sorry this isn’t going to work and lock him out???

First you need to contact Airbnb and tell them you need to cancel. I imagine there would be pretty serious repercussions from Airbnb if you just locked him out without talking to them first.

Only sort of. Tell them that you want a cancel by admin (but you will accept cancel by guest, not sure to tell them that up front though), because you are uncomfortable with his behavior of blatant disregard for your rules (tell them exactly what he said about not liking rules in one of his responses) and the damage he is doing. Don’t say YOU want to cancel (even though you do).

You are going to likely get a bad review anyways so you might as well get rid of him.


This is good to know. I haven’t had to cancel anybody yet (knock on wood) but I’m sure the time will come!


Use wording consistent with the gravity of the situation. "I need this guest’s reservation to be cancelled. I don’t feel safe with him in my home. He is ignoring instructions and house rules regarding use of the common space I am sharing with him, and when spoken to about it, he challenges me, refuses, and says, ‘I don’t like rules.’ "
This person is violating boundaries, a real red flag.


When dealing with the situations, you should gather your thoughts, write down the reasons for cancellation BY ADMIN or by the guest, can CALL Customer Disservice, not send a message which will be waiting in queue for days.

The advice that others gave about wording are correct. He is repeatedly violating house rules in YOUR SHARED HOUSE and you don’t feel comfortable, and ask Air to re-house him. Do not talk to him about it since you already have, just let Air CS handle him.

After this is over, you will want to review your house rules, and list kitchen rules both in your listing and in a sign on your refrigerator. And I agree, replace the metal forkse ith plastic. Even though my almost new pans upstairs came from garage sales, they are good enough that I replaced all my cooking utensils in the tenant area with silicone ones.

This dude is determined that he’s in charge, but you are if you take charge. He’s trying to bully you. Don’t let him get away with it, and when you review him give him 1 star so he can’t instant book.


Why is he there for three weeks, do you know? What you are describing sounds like possible mental illness to me. Granted, I’m seeing that everywhere following my SIL’s recent involuntary hospitalization for psychosis. She is being evicted from the residence where she lives (disruptive behavior); my husband’s parents are considering booking an Airbnb for her, as she has no options besides shelters or living on the streets (there’s no way her current landlord will recommend her). Shared home listings are their most cost effective option…sigh…

Oh no! He said he is on vacation from Canada. He did mention to me he tried to work as much as he can but he had a slight disability, I didn’t ask what that was. I just know I’ve felt uneasy since I met him. So not wanting to follow a simple rule is just completely disrespectful.

It’s already listed in my house manual I just added to the rules as well although my list of rules was already extensive… so why would he book???

AirBnb received my message and called me however it kept going straight to VM because my service is awful out here. I’ve been messaging them since my flight back home took off I used your advice I don’t feel safe I live alone there is a man in my home who refuses to follow rules he makes me afraid to go home. … One message she said they would re house him then I didn’t hear back… he is probably destroying my condo now … ughhhhh

I had a guest like this. Get him out NOW.
My guest would have 2-3 one hour showers a day (because he had to be clean before going to the gym), he would spray down my non wet room bathroom with water because, in his words, “I have to clean my arm pits” (apparently just lifting his arms up didn’t occur to him).
He would walk out of my place and leave the front door open. He would go outside to smoke and leave my front and secondary doors wide open plus the guest room door which let all the heat out then complained it was cold. The usual leaving lights on after leaving a room, dropping food on my kitchen floor and not picking it up, somehow getting food up my kitchen wall and not cleaning it up and he would also use silverware on my non stick pans - his reasoning was that he would have one less thing to wash up. Except I had to rewash everything he cleaned. He also dumped out a basin of water on my kitchen floor because he didn’t know how plugs worked. I shit you not, this actually happened. My mind was blown at how few basic life skills this man in his mid 20s had been taught. To be blunt, this guy was a physics PhD student and was as dumb as a bag of hammers.
Then we have the fact that he refused to check out on time knowing I had guests checking in that day…when I eventually got him out the room was disgusting (of course) - the floor was covered in tobacco as was every surface. Everything seemed grimy and he made a 2 night stay seem like 2 months.
Get Airbnb to cancel the booking and cite that you do not feel safe in your own home, he is destroying your property plus refuses to follow your house rules.
If you were in the UK I’d be worried that this was the same guest…

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Oh no I’m so sorry! How awful!

Yes this is making me crazy now I’m truly afraid to go home! I still have no word what Airbnb will do to help me???

Has anyone kicked anyone out before?

??? Lawd No !!! Not cool
She could end up at Betty’s place !

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What a shame you are facing this dilemma. A slight disability could be many things and of course we all need empathy and help at times but having this stranger share your personal space is more than you signed up for.
Looking forward to hearing AirBnB has helped you out.

I can’t stress enough - I’m already blue in the face doing so - that it is a complete waste of time sending Airbnb messages; they are simply ignored. You need to call them. ASAP.

Yes. The advice above about calling Airbnb is more than likely correct and absolutely the right thing to do. Although I didn’t do that. I simply told the guests that their behaviour was unacceptable and that they should leave at once.

I had looked in advance at the airport website so could tell them that there was a flight they could aim for at [whatever time it was]. I told them that there was no need to clean the apartment, which is what I usually expect from guests, because they’d need to get a move on if they wanted to aim for that flight. I then asked them if I could call a cab for them and did.

They left within fifteen minutes.


Ask them to cancel as this AH is making you feel uncomfortable in your own home, with his passive aggressive behaviour.

I know it’s not okay. But she doesn’t understand that she is ill, so she refuses to take medication. Her situation is going to get worse before it gets better, I’m afraid.


I’m sorry that’s so sad… I need to be more compassionate I can’t imagine dealing with that.

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