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I don’t like my current guest

Unfortunately you are correct in that these situations get worse before they get better. Have experienced this a few times. Once it gets better then it is a wonderful thing but so hard for everyone. Best of luck with your SIL’s healing.

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True, it will help you take a more gentle approach with this guest and have him move on with minimal disruption but still in an expedited manner because this is your space and your rules. Disability or not.

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Just an FYI - he will still be able to IB for some hosts - it depends on the host’s IB settings

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Also, even hosts that require recommendations and no negative reviews can IB if the recommendation is not a thumbs down, do not recommend, do not want to have back. Although it is likely rare that anyone getting a 1 in any category would get other than do not recommend from the same host.

Yes. The advice above about calling Airbnb is more than likely correct and absolutely the right thing to do. Although I didn’t do that. I simply told the guests that their behaviour was unacceptable and that they should leave at once.

Yes. CALL AIRBNB CUSTOMER SERVICE. Seriously. TELL them that he needs to go NOW because he is violating house rules, is bullying, and “doesn’t like rules.” Your BF was there? I’m taking that to mean boyfriend, so you have a male presence when you return.

I called and the iffy guest was told to not darken my door any longer. He tried to communicate off-platform and I refused and took screen shots.

Do NOT interact with this person, just get him OUT and rehomed (though frankly I wouldn’t want him). If he gets to review you, review him back 1 star across the board and we’ll all help you write a review that will sound rational.



Yes, I have also removed guests before.

  1. I call AirBNB first for support.
    Fearing for your safety will garner you the support that you require.

  2. AirBNB will contact the guest

  3. AirBNB will cancel the booking

  4. You and your partner are best advised to contact the police and they will kindly ask the guest to remove themselves from your premises. At least here in Australia this works perfectly.

  5. Neither the guest nor you will be able to write a Review - even though you will see the usual link to submit one. It’s easy!

HUGS from David, Ong and Puppy Jordan

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Just wondering how it’s going? Sounds like a tricky situation. Sharing your space with a stranger can be a challenge at the best of times, but three weeks is a loooonnnggg time if you’re not happy with your house guest!

Making the rules exceptionally clear is something I would always advocate - but it sounds like you have done this to no avail! Some suggest labelling certain items/areas as reminders e.g. “This bin is for paper items only.” However, you’re going quite far if you feel you have to label a pan with “Please don’t use a metal fork to scrape me!”

Echoing what others have said: at the end of the day it’s your place so you have to feel comfortable with the people you are allowing in. It seems this guy is suggesting he does not like rules, which is at odds with your Airbnb listing - you have house rules and I’m guessing you accepted the booking based on the fact that your guest would adhere to them? If this is not the case and you do not feel safe you need to reiterate this to Air.

How exactly is this? I have someone that had to have a sheriff escort to retrieve their things after their reservation was ended and they lost access to the listing. We are still able to review and I seem to be getting more than the usual number of reminders to do so. I will be reviewing last minute and not sure if the guest will review at all, but it will certainly be bad if they do.

In-home host here!

A 3 week “vacation” in my home would raise my suspicions. What are their plans? What will they be doing? Because you could end up with Lump Lump around the house all day, and that wears thin mighty quickly. He’s under foot 24/7.

By all means call Air. But be prepared for noncompliance. In other words, have some burly friends over. Have Air rehouse him. But give him an hour to leave. He can go to a coffee shop until he gets a new place. Or maybe see the sights!

The frying pan? Remove it pronto. It’s damaged.

Did he instant book? Call Airbnb and get him out under the “feel uncomfortable” circumstances.
I had guests like these. Luckily they only stayed for 2-3 days. One though scratched my all clad pans. I dont allow guests to cook ever since.

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