I do not feel supported as an Airbnb host. Guests make the rules and are kings

I had a very terrible experience with a guest who stayed at my listing for 1 month. All house rules were broken and I carried Airbnb along all the issues including a false shooting claim in the quest for refund. Needless to say that she left a nasty review; “The house appeared great until we moved in. There was shooting I. The neighborhood and the host refused to respond about it. She was extremely greedy and invaded privacy”. All her claims are not true. I have contacted support to remove review but they have refused. I recently got an email from support saying:

"Airbnb requires that all hosts behave in accordance with Airbnb’s Host Standards. To foster positive experiences for hosts and guests, we monitor user activity to ensure that it meets these Standards. A review of your account, which included consideration of any guest reviews, customer service cases, and reservation outcomes over the past year, has brought to our attention guest reports of violations of our Host Standards.

We know you’re putting a lot of thought and care into hosting and that sometimes unplanned things happen. We’re letting you know so that, if you haven’t already, you can work to resolve these issues and create even better stays for your guests.

Host Standards violations identified include:

Misleading or inaccurate information about the type, nature, or details of listings, and/or not delivering listings as advertised
An inability to uphold reservation commitments, and/or unresponsiveness to guests with confirmed reservations
Cleanliness issues in violation of Airbnb hospitality standards
Reports are associated with the following listings:

For more information on Standards, please review:

Airbnb’s Host Standards: Host Reliability Standards - Airbnb Help Center

Airbnb’s Community Standards: https://www.airbnb.com/trust/standards

We have added a note to your account saying that you’ve received a warning. If we continue to receive similar reports, we may take further action, up to and including removing your listing(s) or removing your ability to list Home listings on the platform."

I feel completely downcast and alone. I feel sad because all these claims are untrue. Noone at the support wants to help. I have called several times and left several messages. I feel Unempowered as a host. I can proudly say that my listing is very clean and has all the amenities that I claim. It is a 4 bedroom and 3 full bath home. Guest refused to produce a police report even after she claimed that Police was at the property.

Honestly don’t know what to do. I feel like the guest has the upper hand and I am left completely alone to hang and dry.

Any thoughts as to what my chances and options are?

Some of the messages guest sent to me are:

“You fucking tried it…I paid a cleaning fee before I moved in. That house doesn’t require an extra cleaning fee. Ain’t shit missing and the toilet is clogged not broke”.

“Miserable greedy sad ass excuse for a woman”

All on Airbnb message.

Sorry to read this.

I’ll leave this to the more experienced hosts to offer you advice.

Have you reported those nasty messages to airbnb?

Looking back were there any red flags with the guest, that would have indicated they were a nasty piece of work?

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Facebook and Twitter:
“Very upsetting lack of host support. Airbnb threatened to shut down my listing due to ONE guest who broke house rules, complained about my ask for cleaning/repair cost for damages, & called me unprintable names on platform message. My prior ratings are 4.9 with great reviews.” [Or whatever is accurate]
Airbnb is doing a host recruitment push and this may get their attention.


I have complained several times and have been on the phone with them. I am the only one that seem to see that this is completely wrong.

There was no signs. This guest claimed that she is a nurse. Her assignment was re-assigned to a different and she requested for a refund. I simply told her that we do not issue any refund which she was made aware of before booking.

This is so terrible. How is that working for you?
How long ago was that warning issued?

I feel like I can be deactivated with a little thing or drop of pin.
I am on my toes now and not excited about this anymore.

I have been working my butt off to make my listing into what it is and i am very proud of my work so far. I feel like all my effort is not even be appreciated.

It looks as if Airbnb thinks there have been other dissatisfied guests. Can you see any pattern to the past issues? Maybe consider upping your price and limiting to shorter stays, if you can remain competitive, so you get a different clientele. Or if your property is older – sometimes people get confuse modern design as “cleaner” than vintage, change up your description. “Vintage stay with grandma decor at a great price!” etc.


Nothing similar happened to me, I was just giving you an example of what you might post on Facebook and Twitter.
Try not to take this too personally, and don’t have any expectations that Airbnb will appreciate you. Some CS contractor made a record of the complaint, validating it, and then the system sent you some boilerplate language. Don’t let the mysterious actions of a for-profit company occupy your head space. I know, it’s hard when you try to be a good host.
They haven’t shut you down, so all good, and time to also list on other platforms (VRBO, BDC, etc.) just in case, if you haven’t already. There’s another thread with a good list of alternative platforms.


Ask Airbnb to review the message thread from this guest. In light of the abusive language and considering prior positive reviews, ask for their guidance on how to respond to the negative guest review and get off “probation”.

I had an awful guest who’s bad behavior started at check-in. I ended up with as good of an end result (not perfect) as could be expected because I asked for help.

Regardless of what Airbnb does or doesn’t do, you should respond to the public review. Simple short & to the point. No emotion. While this feels & is personal, treat it like business. You don’t want your next guest to feel like there will be drama.

“I am disappointed this stay did not go smoothly. This was an unusual circumstance.

Future guests: please read my many other reviews for an accurate idea of my hosting style.”


My property is new; 2016. Modern decor. No other complains. Review prior to this guest was 4.6.
I have sent them videos that was taken right before this guest checked in but they have not even bothered to watch it.

I consulted Airbnb throughout the guest was there and I listened to their advice. Everything was documented. I replied to the review but I have also noted how to respond in the future void of emotions.
I have requested that review the message thread which they have and still refused to do anything about it.

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Thank you so much.
On VRBO. Will list on Booking.

I will try and not take it to heart or have any expectations from support.

Do you think that this would get a negative repercussions?

If you are in a popular travel destination, check for a direct rental host to guest Facebook group. I just found one for my area. I’m still investigating but it looks appealing

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Will do just that

Last comment. 4.6 is a below average Airbnb rating. Even if being treated unfairly, and discounting a crazy, deceitful guest or two, worth it to think about how your guests are experiencing your listing and if there’s anything you might change.


We are new. Started last year June. Haven’t had so many guests but we have improved significantly since we started. I always ask for feedback from guest and improved on little things that they request like extra towels, bedding, making the house rules available at the listing, etc. I appreciate both neg ad positive feedback because I want to be the best that I can be. Now we are at 4.2 because of this guests wrong and retaliatory review.

Depends. Few reviews. One low one can crush the average. Combine 1 bad with 1 mediocre is like a knife to the heart of the rental rating.

I had a lovely guest among my first 10, who rated me all 1s. She thought that was the best, like “we are #1–whoop whoop”. She contacted Airbnb & they wouldn’t fix it.

I paid that price for a while…


Well, you are alone really. I’m not sure what you expected from Airbnb. You really should be able to run your business yourself and not rely on an advertising platform to ‘help’ you.

As the messages are on the platform Airbnb cannot blame you for the situation.

I actually do run my business my self. Unfortunately, I do not own a platform like airbnb. I expected support to investigate and empower hosts in general. I am not asking for any “advertising platform to help me” as you so put it. I brought my concerns here so that I can get a better perspective and opinions and not be berated.

I have actually felt better since I brought this here. Your attitude will not make me feel otherwise. But thank you for your input anyway.

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