I could use some help with this review

Ok so this is going to be an odd one.

  • The original booking was for John (name changed), a man who lives in New England. Account a few years old but no reviews made in either direction.
  • Same day booking made around 2 pm, for check-in around 5
  • During our “thank you” response, we gathered more info. The room is actually for Jane (name changed) - his adult daughter
  • Msg’d him using airbnb system that we would love to help but airbnb does not permit 3rd party bookings, etc.
  • He tried to add her to the booking but could not
  • I called airbnb CS, to let them know and see if they can help to either add her to his booking or make a new one with her profile
  • For reasons unknown, Jane did not use her own airbnb account - “it’s messed up” and she can’t get into it …
  • Note: we allow IB with no restrictions so profiles with negative reviews can book us, and we can cancel afterward.
  • Airbnb called John and then he was able to add a 2nd guest and paid the extra $20
  • I wrote John that I would reimburse the $20 since it would be a 1 person stay (read more on that below).

Ok so, Jane sends me a text (she has no access to the airbnb msgs or booking info (made by John). Jane then calls and we coordinate for a 5pm check-in, and things seem ok.

She asked about check-out and if it is possible to have a late one - I offered 12:30 and she was happy. She did mention something about "having someone over for a “script reading” in the morning (she is working with the nearby theatre). I did not react to this, though it goes against house rules, but this “should be” just a temporary adult visitor.

Sorry about all the background. I know it is long.

Ok so at 12:30 I looked and the key was not dropped off yet, so she must still be upstairs. I text her a few times “thanks - hope you enjoyed your stay”, “in case you didn’t see the checkout procedure is X, etc”.

I called Jane but it immediately went to voicemail (phone must be off or dead) - which is odd as we had spoken the night before - and we have a great charger in the apt that connects with every smart phone.

She left just before 1pm.

The overall state of the place was “ok”. Not great, not horrible. Here’s the run-down:

  • Bathroom window left open (40 F outside).
  • Ash in the toilet (3 feet from open window …).
  • Some mess in kitchen:
  • Coffee machine had coffee in it (not rinsed out)
  • Coffee funnel still had used filter - not dumped and rinsed)
  • I rewashed a plate to make sure it was truly clean
  • Used condoms in the trash, so Jane probably had an unauthorized overnight guest.
  • Apparently, Jane is one of those artistic types who can’t figure shit out - we have one of those salt dispensers where you twist the top and it dispenses. So, she pries the top off and there are bits and chunks of salt over the coffee table and rug. I put it back together and it does work fine. Honestly, that wasn’t a big deal but it goes to her state of mind about not caring.

Ok so I am not sure what to do here. Remember the booking is actually John’s, not Janes. But Jane was the guest. It is likely that she had an unauthorized overnight guest instead of the claimed “morning reading” - so I think I’m due the extra $20.

I don’t want to screw over John’s profile but I am not sure how to write this up, in this circumstance.

If the booking was actually on Jane’s profile, this would be easy. I would ding her on extra guest, leaving window open during winter, cleanliness and not host her again.

Again sorry for the length. Thank you, in advance, I hope you folks will have some good thoughts on how to write up a review for John that handles this for Jane. Jeez …

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Sounds like a lot of work. Jane was not straight forward with you, and brought in an extra guest without your consent. She was rather untidy, but no big deal.

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I’d say “this review is for Jane, John’s adult daughter because this was third party reservation. Jane had an unauthorized guest over. The house was left a bit messy.”

Yes, keep the 20 but do inform John why.


Seems kind of average, you allowed the late checkout and she abused it a little, not a lot. You allowed a visitor and she got lucky.

I would leave a neutral review and not punish dad for crazy hippy “reading getting” daughter.


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John Redcorn is her spiritual advisor.

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Hmmm, telling dad this will likely prompt questions, maybe even a denial from her and then dad is in a pickle. You really want to tell him you know she had a guest because of used condoms? That seems to be the only evidence. I might just say: “John did not stay with us, he booked our place for his daughter. She was a bit messy and didn’t observe house rules.”

If he asks what rules, you can tell John that she left after agreed check-out time, left things in a slight mess, etc.

Maybe nothing will happen if you mention a guest, but since you didn’t actually see him, avoid the potential drama IMO.

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Yep. Not a great guest but not a bad one either.

I forget - are you not nearby or on the premises? If so it seems strange to text and call rather than knock on the door.

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We do live here but she could not have known if we were around or not at 2 pm on a weekday. Coordinating with us before check-in by text and phone makes sense.

Confirming by text or phone makes sense. I’m not with you though - I realise that she couldn’t have known if you were around but you knew that she was around after her given check out time.

  • The “mess” doesn’t sound like it would’ve required much extra effort from your normal cleaning routine. That’s how I measure cleanliness.
  • Leaving the bathroom window open isn’t energy conscious (assuming the heat was on) , but a lot of people do it out of habit.
  • The used condoms don’t prove there was an unauthorized overnight guest and I think you said that you allowed the daytime guest. Did you actually see the other guest come or go? No pun intended.
  • The later checkout I personally wouldn’t care about because of my 1-day prep time, but it doesn’t sound like you did either or you would’ve knocked on the door and said you needed to start preparing for the next guest. I’m thinking the late checkout was because she was either taking a crap (bathroom window open) or having sex (one of those condoms), so maybe a good thing you didn’t knock. :crazy_face:

I’m not following you. Before check-in she had to text and call me. I did not have her info.

At check-out, I never see our guests. They just self-check-out. I don’t see a reason to “go upstairs” and create a face-to-face situation unless I am forced to. She could have been undressed, whatever. Sending a polite text made sense.

Oh - we found a new thing while cleaning - some ash in the toilet next to the window that had been open. Why can’t people who are going to smoke be smart enough to scrub the bowl of the evidence … seriously? Idiots.

This explains the lingering “air spray” smell from earlier (it went away after a few hours).

I have seen hosts complain about bathroom windows being left open and exhaust fans being left on after checkout.

I would encourage hosts who complain about this to shift their perspective. Your guest just got up early, after a long night of travel and/or partying, and took a hot shower just before checking out. Some of us take really, really hot showers. I can only imagine the pissing and moaning you would do if I left all my wet, drippy steam all over your bathroom.

I actually ask my guests in The Never Before Read House Manual (snark) to crack the windows if they take a hot shower, and explain how the shower light and adjacent GFCI outlet will malfunction if they let excess steam accumulate, and what to do (air out the moisture) to get it to function again. “This is a feature, not a bug.”

Some people are from humid climates where it’s just normal to crack the bathroom window when steaming the place up.

Either way, it doesn’t reflect well on her. The play is an all female cast. So … script reading was either a lie or she had a guy over at some point.

I’m not going to stress out over it. I think I might wait to see if her dad writes a review - I am guessing he won’t since he wasn’t there. Then, put one up for her on his account close to 14 days.

I agree with some other commenters on a neutral or mild review. At worst:
“Jane was a bit late to check out and left cigarette ashes in the unit, so I suggest she book where smoking is allowed in future.”
Jane let you know about the visitor, and you didn’t call her out on it, so I don’t see the justification in dinging her in the review. I also don’t know that you can make a definitive finding of an overnight 2nd guest based on the “evidence” (did you really go through the trash and count the condoms?!). A script read-through doesn’t require a gender match. You do seem awfully interested in the details/rectitude of Jane’s activities!
The ashes would be the most bothersome thing to me in a “no smoking” propety. The fact that the guest left 20-25 minutes after the agreed-upon time (sometime after 12:30 and shortly before 1:00 pm) and left a few things not tidy and a window open, not so much.
Frankly I could have mucked up your salt shaker if I stayed there. Things that are familiar to us can mystify someone else.


Definitely. I would not leave a neutral review as this is the frosting on the cake. I agree that it is important to clarify that John did not stay - but he took the risk of getting a bad review by booking for someone else. The daughter may have been someone else’s bad guest in the past and that is why she can’t access her account. ABB punishes guests too!

Yeah I do not want to screw John over. I expect that you are correct, and her account is locked.

I don’t expect John to submit a review since he wasn’t there, so we’ll just wait until close to the 14 day limit then drop a mild but honest review of Jane, and be clear that John was not there.

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Just a thought… I know airbnb likes to break their own rules regarding 3rd party bookings- but can/will they hold you to allowing it? It may mean any review you write mentioning it will be able to just get removed. I probably wouldnt even mention the fact of 3rd party. Just write “Jane” instead of “Johm” in the review. They will be questioned about it in the future. Maybe John needs to be told outright so his account doesnt get locked as well.

Why? Dad did not stay. It seems like you are tattling on the daughter. There was nothing bad enough to warrant mention in the review anyway IMO


Edited to add, the smoking does warrant review.

John booked for daughter Jane, there were ashes in the toilet and the bathroom window was left open. I would not accept a third party booking for Jane again.

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The problem here is that you accepted a 3rd-party booking for Jane. So even though Jane wasn’t a great guest, I don’t think you have any recourse, even through a review. And, when you accepted the booking, you inherently accepted not being able to leave a review for your actual guest.

I don’t even think it’s useful for other hosts. It’s possible that John is a great guest and I don’t need to know anything at all about his daughter because I am not going to accept a reservation for Jane from John’s account.

If anything, all you can really say in the review is, “John made a booking for his daughter, we wouldn’t host her again. Communication with John was pleasant but he didn’t stay”. That would be honest. Anything else could likely be removed anyway. It may suck but you took that on when you accepted the 3rd party booking :woman_shrugging:

Imagine the conversation we’d be having if John left you a review that complained about something. You’d be trying to get it removed.


I’m not worried about it. He made the booking and she was added to it. So, Jane is part of the official booking and so not a 3rd party. If John did not actually come, it is irrelevant.

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