I can't access this Forum from weekly email

I get the weekly summary email. Lately, when I click on “read more” to read a post, all I get is a page with this: " Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private." This has been going on for several weeks. Yes, I am logged into this forum. Any suggestions?


I’m having the same issue. There must be something wrong with the links being sent via the email. I end up having to either search the person who wrote the topic and find it under their “activity” or I search the topic title. That’s how I’m seeing this now - I searched LisaHS and found it under your activity.

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How does one access forum tech support to report this? Or…could someone who monitors this forum report it?

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I really don’t know. This forum doesn’t have “tech support.” The software provider, Discourse, may offer help. I and other mods “monitor” the forum but we have few admin powers. @tom2 or @Cyn might be able to help.

The forum software was recently updated. I’m also seeing a lot more ads (not using adblock software as it slows down other functions). So maybe something changed recently that they know about.

Click on some ads, maybe we need money. LOL.

I have had that same screen pop up, but not from trying to access through email- it just popped up a couple of times when I clicked on “topics” when signed in. Happened since the latest software update about a week ago.

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And when I just tried to edit my “siftware” typo above, the edit function doesn’t work.

It doesn’t?

It didn’t when I tried to edit that typo. I tried 3 times and it kept reposting the original. That’s the first time I’ve encountered that here. But now I see it did correct.

If you are getting this page, try clicking on the logo I have circled in red:

I don’t subscribe to the email but I am also having a problem with not being able to access pages. I too get the 404 ooops message when I click on many links on the site.

(At first I thought it was my ancient laptop that was at fault so thank you @LisaHS for starting this topic.)

Also If I am reading a page on the site, then go and make a cup of tea or whatever, when I get back, the page I was reading has reverted to the 404 page.

I believe that the site owners upgraded the forum software recently and this may have something to do with the issue.

So just who are the site owners and how do we get their attention that the “upgrade”…well…wasn’t?

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Just got the “Oops” page again the first time I clicked on this thread.

It really should say, “Oops. Our software folks screwed up this site.” :wink:

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I think that @KKC has contacted them. They usually don’t respond quickly though.

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@tom2 @Cyn

@tom2 and @cyn - again the admin section of the site is saying that a critical update is required on the site.

Could this be a fix for the current problems? I was under the impression that only admininstators can perform these updates. Is this correct?

I have now gotten a completely greyed-out screen several times when clicking on a topic.

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Hi everyone,
This is Tom the site admin here – we have had some issues with upgrading the software so this could be an issue. Additionally we have also started trying out an advertising plugin and even though I don’t think that is the cause of this, it might also contribute to the problem. I’ll go ahead and upgrade our main software this weekend and report back. Thank you all for the patience and I apologize for the inconvenience!


Same here. Not sure what has changed to make this a problem…

Tom, by the way, I’ve seen an increase in new spam members promoting their goods. (Which are not Airbnb related). Maybe other mods have too? I thought it a good idea to mention it - it might be a coincidence but it could possibly be a symptom of what’s going weird here.

Well, I was a frequent watcher and contributor here but now I must say’ goodbye’ - it is too annoying to use this forum. Is it possible to notify us wither thru email or thru anew post when using this forum gets back to simply clicking in a subject and does not take you all over the place? Thank you in advance.

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