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I am afraid to go to check my B&B after one guest

This guest was the most annoying guest I ever had. In my unit there is no kitchen. Somehow he cooked stakes there. He just got from a $ store a cheap grill and cooked stakes, desert, salad and something else, picked all my tomatoes up without asking me. I am just afraid to find fat spots in my B&B. He put in our garage a bag with empty wine bottles and beer cans :frowning:

Kill him in the review plus if you see any damage go to resolution center

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At least he took out the trash :slight_smile:

Although I must admit that every time a guest checks out, I have a certain apprehensive feeling when I go to check the rental. Madly touching wood here because to date, I’ve almost always been pleasantly surprised.


Was this the non-communicator?

SuiteRetreat, Yes, the same man.
Last night I was working and he asked my husband if he can get some old newspaper and melted butter because he got crabs in MD and wants to eat them. My husband melted butter and the guest never came back to get it. My husband heard that the guest called his local girlfriend and got into a fighting conversation with her. I was not home, just good. My husband has more philosophical attitude to such things.

What do you mean by “fat spots”? Yeah…he sounds annoying. How long was he there? Don’t tell me he rented your unit for one night so he could spend the entire evening creating a meal in a no - cooking facility. Shaking my head…

What a disrespectful loser. Another guest who is better suited to a hotel. This has been a maddening few days for you…the good news is that it’s over!

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Also, I have a moss patio and he his grill there to make stakes. Moss is dead in that spot where he put that grill. Why he did not rent a place with a kitchen? I travel around the world and if I would like to cook, especially on my long stays, I get a place with a kitchen. I have cooked in France, Australia, New Zealand, Portugal, Brazil, Guatemala and in many other countries, but I rented a place with a kitchen!


Melted butter for his crabs? I am annoyed just reading this.

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He stayed 3 night. Fat spots are grease spots.


He sounds like trailer trash.

It is 10:49 am, my check out time is 11:00 am. I hope he is leaving very soon.

tick tock tick tock…
My strange guests checked out 2 hrs early today. There must be a god.


SuiteRetreat, I have had only 26 reservations so far. Only 2 times I got into strange guests. But the rest of my guests is very nice. I travel a lot and I like to meet travelers from another places.
Thank you everyone for posts, I feel better :slight_smile:
I am sitting in front of my PC next to a window, I will see when my guests departs.


I would be knocking on that door at 11:05…


For someone like this I would just show up at the door at check out time, let myself in and start cleaning. I’d take their stuff out and set it on the curb.


I guess, I am extra nice Russian lady. I got a letter from my guest:" I want to thank you and Robert for such a wonderful and relaxing stay. Your kindness and thoughtfulness will definitely added to my comments on the air BNB site… Thanks again . Hope to see you all again…".
My husband has a philosophical attitude to such things, at list he equals me.

aaaaaaa I hear a noise, he is leaving! URA!

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He gave to me a hug, said that in 2 weeks he comes back and will stay with us again. He left his grill on my moss. I just will finish my coffee cup and visit my apartment. My husband agreed to go with me. Will give an update.

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I am shocked that you allow this and don’t have a no cooking the room clause, and now a no grilling clause also.

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