I already double booked

I have had my place listed for three days and I already have three bookings. HOWEVER, today I didn’t have my listings on VRBO and AirBNB connected on IGMS when I thought I did and I got double booked.

It’s fixed now in IGMS but now one of my listings needs to be cancelled. The booking I need to cancel is on VRBO. If I cancel does it count against me?

I can’t believe this happened in the first week. :frowning:

This is an Airbnb forum so not all/most of us have experience of VRBO, does it not say on their site, what their host cancellation policy is? @RossLee

Hmm, I just assumed most people would be on both. I read it but I can’t tell if it will count against me.

Forget it, I just found it elsewhere. It does count against me.

Don’t know about VRBO. Don’t care about VRBO.


Call their cs and tell them that their system allowed a double booking and let them fix the issue with that guest.

Why would she do that @Jefferson? @RossLee says that she hadn’t connected the VRBO and Airbnb accounts and this is why the double booking happened.

Yeah I totally “get it” that she knows that from a certain perspective that “she missed something and now this happened”.

I am suggesting that she call vrbo cs and tell them that their calendar was in her system and the sync apparently did not work on their side but was working with the other booking engines. It is rather unlikely that a tier 1 cs agent would have access to logs to check when a calendar sync was actually initially configured.

Regardless, the guest must get re-booked, and that’s their job anyway. It was an honest mistake and she won’t make it again.


It’s a pity you didn’t happen to have a property issue at the same time, plumbing or such like, that you got a quote for the repair :wink:



That’s also what I think too. I apologized to her and told her if she wanted to book with me in the future she could have two free nights. I asked if she could cancel on her end - I’ve heard nothing back.

I am going to give it some more time and then contact VRBO. It will suck if I have to take a hit so soon.

No, I will not make that mistake again.

Can she cancel penalty free on VRBO @RossLee

I am not sure. Do they get penalized too? Forgive me but I am very new to this.

Ok - I decided to just call and do the stand up thing and tell them what happened. As luck would have it they said they’ve got a lot of calls because their calendars were messed up. SO, if she won’t cancel they will initiate a cancellation from my end and waive the hit for me.

I am so relieved.


It depends on your cancellation policy. For future reference VRBO/HA take up to an hour or more to refresh with other booking sites. It’s a known issue and has caused many a double booking for hosts. For this reason after any booking I manually hit the refresh at AirBnB and VRBO/HA to make sure they are immediately in sync.

Thank you for this tip. I never want this to happen again.

Maybe you can delete the VRBO account and start over since it is brand new… Delete, wait a few weeks, new email and phone number…


No need to do that now because I called.

Hurrah for “beginners’ luck” and all the best!

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It’s now officially cancelled and I didn’t take a hit. I was so nervous.

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