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Hurricane Matthew - keep safe!

Our guests who were supposed to be arriving today have changed their reservation - understandably.

It seems that this hurricane is going to affect much of the east coast of the USA so I just want to wish you all the best and hope that you’ll stay safe during this time :slight_smile:


You are in the track aren’t you? Looks like Boston might be spared.
Good thoughts to all the hosts in the Southeast.

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Yes, it seems that it might hit South Florida tomorrow. Thank you for your good wishes :slight_smile:

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Stay safe :heart:

Twenty ch!


Stay safe Jaquo. My guest left early. Fortunately he left me a couple bottles of wine, so I only had buy ice and snacks for the hurricane. :grinning:


To all our host friends in the Hurricane Zone… stay safe! We in Hawaii have BTDT too often!


Ah J, just remembered you are in south Florida. Could be Category 4, though looks it may stay offshore a bit. Good luck.

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Hurricane parry for all of us!!! Stay Safe!!


We are in Orlando and have Guests that are scheduled to check out today. That may or may not happen depending on if they can move on to their next location. Just ran out and got additional staple supplies should they need to stay. Be happy to have them stay if need be but hope they don’t expect full meals.

‘Parry’? Did you already started partying without us az?


Patio furniture and plants have been brought in. This guest has been asked to leave but is doing so at a snail’s pace.


Stay safe ! Putting up shutters this morning and have all other prep work done. I live less then 2 miles from the bay so not taking any chances. Jaquo you are right on the water I hope you have your shutters up! My booking dot com guest didn’t show up so I am glad because I am not in the baby sitting mood right now.


Stay safe Carmen!!!"…

It’s starting to pick up here! Water has risen about 3 feet. It’s gonna be a wild ride!


i’m in atlanta, and we just had guests due in today, but had to cancel because their flights were cancelled. we have a strict cancellation policy, but i called airbnb about it, and they’re going to refund them all their money, and not penalize me for the cancellation. i do love airbnb.

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Even though Air is refunding your guests are they going to pay you out still??

I just looked up the recent extenuating circumstances and I think they have changed. @konacoconutz…anyone - didn’t they used to only include the destination property, and not the place of departure? For example - if you are coming from England to U.S. and there is a natural disaster in England…it sounds like now the host in the U.S. would have to refund - where before you did not. Anyone recall if this changed???

What might be covered?

Valid extenuating circumstances include:

Unexpected death or serious illness of a host, guest or immediate family member
Serious injury that directly restricts a guest’s ability to travel or a host’s ability to host

Significant natural disasters or severe weather incidents impacting the location of destination or location of departure

Urgent travel restrictions or severe security advisories issued after the time of booking, by an appropriate national or international authority (such as a government office or department)

Endemic disease declared by a credible national or international authority (such as the US Center for Disease Control or the World Health Organization)

Severe property damage or unforeseen maintenance issues that directly impact the ability to host safely

Government-mandated obligations issued after the time of booking

They start sending us emails before the the storm arrives… asking hosts to cancel at no penalty. But in Hawaii hurricane forecasting is so inexact. Fortunately most don’t reach us, especially on the leeward side. So usually when they start emailing me, I ignore it.

They are not going to pay you if a reservation is canceled due to a storm.

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Well I just got off the phone from Air and am pissed!!

I asked the rep. if it used to be only the place of destination but she couldn’t really answer. Doesn’t matter anyway.

So…I explained to her that my guest checking in tomorrow (from central NC) said his parents possibly won’t be able to make it. They are flying in from California. I told him he could replace guests with his college friends instead…long story. But he didn’t act like he might need to cancel…so who knows. The rep. said if the parents flying in from CA CANNNOT make the trip then he likely will be approved to cancel with full refund.

My guests coming from Florida on Sunday will be staying a week, and they can also cancel if they can prove they cannot make the trip.

Air is just proving to be a joke. My peak leaf season is during the east coast hurricane season. But my place is fine because I am in the mountains…where the coast people run to from the hurricanes.

Air is just proving to get more and more ridiculous…shaking my head. Of course I went on my rant of why they don’t check to see if the guest is using a credit card that already has “trip cancellation” insurance, or why they don’t offer it. But of course if they have enough idiots willing to absorb the cost, then no need for that!

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My area is not affected by the storms. But they said if guest’s area is, then too bad so sad for me…such a joke.

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