Humanizing your cleaners to your guests- feedback request

Paul, I attribute it to two things. Firstly that I meet 99% of guests in person and perform the (selling) home tour and secondly, the price point. But it’s hard to disrespect a place when real live people are involved.


Does AirBnB want us to check the living wage box if we clean our own unit?


I draw a face on my cleaner, that humanises her a bit.


I did! I pay myself a living wage to clean! :rofl:


I think you are totally right. I manage a property as a cohost where the owner has humanizing elements such as family pictures on the wall. All but 1 guest in the last month has stripped the bedding, put the towels in the washing machine and wiped down the kitchen.


If this is a whole house rental I would not want to see family pictures on the wall.

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We just stayed in the Finnish Lapland in a ski cabin. I kept telling my companions that this was someone’s personal home. They thought it wasn’t. I showed them the family pic on the wall taken at the very cabin. I went out of my way to make sure we all followed the rules and left it spotless!


Out of curiosity, why is this? I have two “personal” pictures in my rental. One is of me, and one is a group picture. Both have a special meaning to me, which I share with guests if asked. I’ve never had anyone mention they were uncomfortable with them being in the flat.

I don’t know. I guess I just think it’s weird. But maybe I’m the weird one. I guess it seems a bit unprofessional. If you think it helps you than just ignore me.

I was in a whole house rental where I had been communicating with the wife. Shortly before we arrived, the husband began communicating about the details of access, etc. - no word from the wife.

About a week or so before arriving, we learned via the online newspaper that the wife had passed away.

At the rental, there were photos on the fridge and work desk and even made into coasters on the table of the husband and wife and family.

It was very uncomfortable for me.

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Omg. Memorial coasters? Just set your ice tea down on top of dear departed Mabel as she smiles back at you.

Guests should not be made a part of the host grief.

Yes, I just put my drink directly on the table instead.

I’m kidding, I’m kidding!


Bahahahaha, you crack me up!

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I feel the same way. I LOVE the idea of including a photo of your cleaner, though.

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I don’t know if it “helps” me. I guess i really don’t think of it that way.

I suppose I’m more of an old school AirBnB host (although I’ve only been hosting a little over a year) in that I think the original concept is something I can get into - sharing your home with a traveler, and maybe learning something in the process. I enjoy traveling (which is what both pictures depict) and when I travel, especially abroad or someplace I’ve never been, I prefer to try and get to know the place I’m visiting. So, I don’t stay at the Hyatt, i stay at an AirBnB (or similar). I don’t eat at McDonald’s, I eat at the local Cafe or restaurant. So, when I opened up my home (and it is just that - my home. Albeit a second home, of sorts) to fellow travelers, I just tried to keep it as cozy as it was - and a bit cleaner. :slightly_smiling_face:That’s what I normally expect from the places I choose to stay at.

I’m curious if you have check-out instructions that indicate the home or room should be left as they found it and that the cleaning fee covers the deep cleaning of bathrooms, floors, laundering, etc.

I personally don’t charge a cleaning fee because I realized that if I just add a bit more to the nightly rate and have a 2-night minimum I make more money for longer stays and break even on cleaning for 2-night stays. I also like the idea of having a note where I ask for their help keeping it cleaning-fee-free. Finally, I worry by calling attention to a cleaning fee I’m inviting people to be messy because they are paying someone to clean up after them.

Good luck!

All these are things that should be done after every guest. To me, and to other hosts too, the so-called cleaning fee is not there to clean up after guests but should really be called a ‘preparation fee’.

I expect guests to leave the rentals in great condition. This varies quite a lot. But even if they leave it in immaculate condition, absolutely everything has to be cleaned anyway before the next guests arrive at check in time.

Poor us… :wink:


My child was learning irish in school and the teacher asked them what their parents. The 8 year old tells the class i am a cleaner. He did add i do a great job at preparing my rooms
No mention of my real job, he just sees me cleaning and he tells it as he sees it as most 8 yrs old do.


This could be the best thing I have ever seen. Ever! LOL

Really love this idea and think it’s fantastic! Well done and hope it works out well for you! :slight_smile: