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Humanizing your cleaners to your guests- feedback request



I took the living wage pledge, but some guests leave the room so dirty that it takes a lot more time than their cleaning fee allows. So, I thought I would make it a little more personal and am putting a little bio about my cleaner and her picture then putting the Living Wage Pledge at the bottom in our manual binder for each room. I’m thinking this will humanize the situation a bit…the thought of someone cleaning up your mess vs Laura is going to clean up your mess.

Anyone have experience with this? Thoughts?


I like to think I leave places nice anyway, but as a guest this would certainly make me think!
I think it’s an awesome idea


Love it! How did it work?


Just printed it out and will put it in today! :slight_smile:


Keep us updated!!



This is cool if it works. I would think the jerks who were going to leave a mess will still think “Oh well then Laura will get paid to clean up after me” or even “Oh maybe I’m helping Laura by keeping her employed” or feel that they personally paid Laura for it via their cleaning fee. And unless you are going to write an essay about what percentage goes to whom, and how much you pay hourly vs time it takes to clean, etc…I don’t know that it would change anything.


I hear ya. I’m going to put it one rental and not in the other and see what happens. Here is a screen shot of what we have put together


This is awesome. Thanks for sharing it. I look forward to hearing back from you that it made a difference.


I don’t think this is going to work with my picture as the host and then again as the cleaner, great idea though.


If you do one picture dressed normally, and one dressed like this it may work.


@GutHend, nice! What is your tattoo of?


I am so in love with you! :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Sorry but I really don’t like this ‘I pay my (pathetic, underpaid, stupid) cleaner a living wage’ thing. It seems so patronising. Sorry.


I hear ya, but my cleaner makes as much as I do an hour and she’s not pathetic or stupid. I was trying to combat that stereotype.


Had a pair of middle eastern doctors stay at my house - they were here for work. I turn up to start the process at 10 and they aren’t ready. Really dismissively tell me to return in an hour.
Instead I start cobwebbing the verandah and doing it really obviously. As they started to pack the car I asked if they enjoyed staying in my house and next time they should try one of my 3 others. OMG, didn’t the crappy attitude change then! You have 4 properties? No actually 10, and I manage them myself. Rude entitled a**h*les!


I am really interested in this. Recently I started a project for my University to look exactly into “nudging” guests behaviour so that they are more respectful of the property. I host a couple of houses myself and co-host on two other properties and I see a difference between the way other people’s homes are respected compared to mine. I believe it comes down to humanizing as you say.


I am very annoyed by guests who left a mess behind and required me to spend double the time cleaning.

But I started to think maybe they didn’t do so on purpose, some people just have bad hygiene habit and mess up every room in the house, even at their own homes (probably worse).

I just had a group who was able to mess up the entire home in two days. It was dirtier than people staying for two weeks (I have to wash all comforters, and wash the carpets!) I believe their own home must be a disaster.


Love this one. My daughter introduces her children to the people sitting in front of them on long haul flights so they know when they kick the seat who will be suffering. Has helped stop them ‘forgetting’ to keep their feet in. I am definitely a cleaner guest after becoming a host.


Well, so far Laura has been left cash tips from 2 guests. So, she makes more money per hour than I do! LOL!


This is new since you added to the binder in the room? That’s fantastic.


Yup, we’ve had 3 guests since adding it to the binder. One guest was non-english speaking so I’m sure didn’t open the binder. I didn’t do it with the intent of having people leave tips, I really just wanted to offer a connection to the person who cleans the room since they help shape the guest’s experience as well.

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