Huge Service Fee Increase

I’m not sure what has happened, but the “service fee” being added on top of our room fee is above 26%. We charge 400 per night for lake george lakefront rental. Last year airbnb would add an approximately 100 service fee for a week rental, now they are adding 750. Has anyone experienced this?

What does it show under “Payout” in the reservation details? Take a screenshot along with one from a year ago and post them.

Maybe you somehow get into the “no guest fees” program. This is something they piloted about a year ago where the host can opt to deduct all fees (12% to airbnb, plus taxes and whatever) from their payout instead of Airbnb taking the 3% host fee and then adding another 12% plus taxes on top for the guest to pay. It’s more hotel-like. Of course participating hosts would need to adjust their prices accordingly.

What cancelation policy do you have?
And how many nights are you looking at?

AirBnB add up to 20% and another 2% for “very strict”.

I am currently seriously looking at the 14% host fee.
I can raise my rates with 11% but the guest will pay less, making my place more competitive.

What did Arbnb say about this @Gregg_Terlizzi - it does seem odd?

did they start collecting taxes in your location?

If you are a new host and haven’t yet added your tax info. (in the United States), air will automatically deduct 28% for taxes. Could be that.

Or it could be local and state transient and occupancy taxes that just looks like you’re being charged, but it’s really the guest.

Where we live, Air deducts 3%, which I think is very fair. Is it higher in other places? Other countries?

i think its the tax?