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How to write review for guest who broke house rules and law


I want to make sure Airbnb doesn’t remove this review.

We use a ring doorbell camera, which is disclosed in the listing. The guest was going outside a lot at weird hours, like at 2 and 4 A.M. We also noticed a strong pot odor coming from the room, but since it only happened once and some guests smoke off-site and come back smelly, we decided to let it slide. On the night before his check out, we noticed the patio lights were off. When we went out to turn them on, we found a pair of socks with a pipe and marijuana in them.

Marijuana is illegal in my state. Engaging in illegal activities is against my house rules (duh) and smoking or vaping anywhere on or near my property is also against house rules.

We decided not to confront the guest since he was checking out the next day. We photographed the socks and contraband and disposed of them.

On his check out day, he asked me if we had found socks on the porch. Then he denied the socks and pot were his.

There’s more unpleasantness than I want to get into - he wouldn’t check out on time which made me late, I applied a fee, he argued about it, proceeded to argue and lie about his checkout time until I pointed out that our messages were time stamped and his exit from the home (36 minutes late) was also time stamped. He also threatened to leave me a bad review unless I waived the fee (brought this to airbnb’s Attention and they said if he wrote a bad review, it would be pulled down because of his statements in the chat).

So this guy is a lying sack of $h1+ and I want to write an honest review that can’t be pulled by Airbnb. Every time I have a bad guest whose review of my listing had to be pulled because it broke content rules, Airbnb also tells me they have to pull my review. Apparently this doesn’t happen to everyone, but it’s hqppened to me 3 or 4 times.



If this forum is any indication of AirBNB’s practices, if they pull the guests’ review, they will pull yours as well. Many suggest not posting your review until the bitter end, if you don’t get a notice that the guest has left a review before then, to minimize the time that they have to post their review.

The countdown clock has gone MIA, but you can calculate the “last minute” by adding 14 days to the AirBNB request for review timestamp.


I don’t see that writing ‘I would not recommend this guest’ would be a problem. I have done that once or twice and then gone into greater detail in the ‘anything you want to tell Airbnb’ box,


Yeah I’ve got two days to post it. :expressionless:

This is one reason why I’ve become more paranoid about hosting. If I have had this many guests with pulled bad reviews, how many other potential guests have had bad reviews pulled?


Do you think that’s enough warning for potential hosts?


I can’t speak for others, but it is for me.

If I read a list of misdemeanours, that can be helpful too. This is because some things that bother other hosts wouldn’t bother me (and vice versa) so listing the problems can be a good idea.

But if I read that a host doesn’t recommend the guest, that can be enough for me.


This box is no longer there. They gave up the pretense of caring.

I’ve seen some harsh reviews that weren’t pulled. Give a thumbs down, all single stars and and say he isn’t recommended due to multiple violations of house rules. I’ve specifically written that guests didn’t check out on time and that didn’t get pulled.


I agree with @KKC, do not put anything that will get it pulled, and do it on the last day.


Thanks - I didn’t know! It’s been some time since I’ve had to use it :slight_smile:


I wonder why? Too beneficial to knowledgeable hosts?


So how does this sound?

“I strongly do NOT recommend this guest to other hosts due to multiple serious house rule violations and refusal to cooperate with policies he agreed to in the listing.”


Sounds okay but make sure that you give him a thumbs down.


I am in a situation like this too. I have 2 days to review a horrible guest. Here are my thoughts on what to post:

What I will post:

It was very disappointing to host this guest.
We have a house rule of no parties/events, and they had a large party. 12 people (only 6 were registered guests) were in the home when we evicted them for breaking our house rules. 13+ hours to clean up after their party. I DO NOT recommend this guest.

What I WANT to say:
It was very disappointing to host this guest - our first negative experience as AirBNB hosts.

Huge party on their first night there. 12 people (only 6 were registered guests) were in the home when we evicted them for breaking our house rules. We were welcomed with vomit and feces filled bags in the rooms, and vomit coated linens, carpeting and duvets, and 10+ cases of empty and spilled beer cans and many bottles of liquor.
Neighbors complained of cars coming and going all night. Broken items including screen door and family picture frames. 13+ hours to clean it all up.

These people were absolutely disgusting. We worked with the resolution center, requesting $661, we got $115. This changes how I rent, and to who. NO MORE local people, NO ONE under 25 will rent. I don’t care how many we have to cancel. We just made Superhost (verified on April 1), and my fiancée and I have seriously considered just selling the home we are renting, after this disappointing experience with the AirBNB resolution center.


Will do! For SURE! :smile:


A shocking situation, have you had any communication from the guests.
How was the low payment justified by Airbnb?


I always leave explicit and detailed reviews of bad guests, and have never had any of mine removed - even when a guest’s review of me was removed (for lies that our messages contradicted). I think it’s very important for multiple reasons but the most being 1) to warn other hosts & 2) to ensure there is some consequence for a guest disrespecting another’s house. And I personally believe this works very well, as I’ve had several previous guests contact me months after their stay asking me to remove my review of them because no one would now accept their reservations - which ofcourse is exactly the intended result, so I don’t remove my reviews but block the guest from being able to continue messaging me.


Here’s a review I’ve drafted for my most recent experience with a bad guest, which i’ll be posting on day 13:

I would never host … again nor wish her as a guest on any other Airbnb host. … displayed an unbelievable sense of entitlement, attitude, zero accountability for multiple violations of my house rules, was argumentative, defiant, and dismissive. During her stay, she brought over extra undisclosed guests multiple times in direct knowing violation of my rules, despite being warned against doing so, & despite her promise not to do so again. On her second day of a 5 night stay, I messaged her in the morning reminding her of the rules and to observe them after I realized her and her friend … had brought an undisclosed guest over. She responded 12 hours later denying any violations and asking why I was messaging her. One would think after being messaged about breaking the rules that a normal mature adult would immediately correct their behavior, but not … who apparently thinks she can do whatever she wants in another person’s property. The next day, again now for a 2nd time, she brought over undisclosed guests. This time I contacted Airbnb to involve them and decided I would wait to discuss the matter with … to determine how to handle the situation. We discussed the issue on the phone around lunch time and she was defiant, argumentative, unapologetic, and even went so far as to cite her also being an Airbnb host as the reason she felt my rules were too strict. She never once accepted responsibility & only after I told her frankly that the only solution at this point was for her to either follow the rules or end the reservation and leave immediately, only then did she curtly respond: it won’t be an issue again. Given her attitude and tone on the phone, I should have known better and ended the reservation immediately. Her promise was broken again 4 hours later when, now for the 3rd time, she brought another undisclosed male over to the apartment who departed 30 mins later. I messaged her and informed her the reservation was ending immediately and to leave the apartment. I then contacted my co-host and asked him to go over in person and instruct them to leave immediately while I communicated with Airbnb to end the reservation. When my co-host arrived she was argumentative with him and he noticed an obvious smell of marijuana in the apartment when she opened the door. With Airbnb’s intervention, … packed up and left the apartment. Upon my return from work that evening, I visited the apartment and found it completely trashed, garbage and bottles left strewn all over the apartment, towels left on the floor, one towel complete soaked with water, and a strong lingering smell of marijuana inside with three of the five windows having been left open while the AC running. Never in my 6 years hosting on Airbnb have I experienced a guest so blatantly and routinely violating rules after being spoken to directly about it. … lied to me twice about not violating the rules and then continued to do so anyway. Her friend …, a guest in the reservation, contacted me directly and apologized for …'s attitude and behavior in an attempt to salvage the situation and maintain the reservation, but I informed her that I was completely out of patience and no longer could trust … to stay in my apartment after purposefully lying to me multiple time. During this conversation with …, … jumped into the conversation with little quips and defiant statements - she offered no apology and accepted no responsibility for the situation. Her friend was apologetic and understanding of their fault, but not … - … pulled the victim card and claim she was offended by feeling harassed and threatened by my co-host coming to the apartment. Easily the most entitled and disrespectful person I’ve ever encountered through Airbnb, I would never host her again and warn any future host again allowing … into your home. Shocked that another Airbnb host would behave in this matter in another person’s home.


So this is the style and length of review you have left for other guests and they have never been removed?


Yes. I always detail exactly what transpired & have never once had a review removed.


Sobe this is waaaaaay too long. You only get 500 characters for a review so you will need to consolidate. Also, you mention the case, (Airbnb’s intervention) and that is grounds for removal.

Don’t leave it on day 13, leave it at the last minute on day 14. The time is indicated on the first email notification you received to review.

Look the content guidelines over again before posting. You are emotional and might inadvertently violate them. And then it will all be for naught. Speaking from experience here.

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