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How to talk about noise in listing


Hello everyone! New to the forum and Airbnb hosting. So far things are going well and we are booking quickly. I however am on eggshells about our noise. We have a basement apartment and we live above it. We have kids and a life so there is bound to be some noise during the day. By 9pm kids are in bed and things are quiet, when back to school starts there is going to be some foot traffic in the morning & for sure goings ons during the day. I don’t want to be neurotic w my kids but also don’t want bad reviews. What’s the best way to word that we have kids and things going on? We do have a white noise machine and will always be quiet during our listed quiet times. Tia


There is a forum member @Alia_Gee who has a listing with children and she describes her Airbnb experience to guests in a most artful way. I think you can see her listing through her profile.
IMHO just be honest and real that you are a family and tell it like it is!


I have similar and even though my kids are grown I am sure guests hear some things. We try to tip toe above the guests but it is what it is. Don’t adjust your life too much!!! Just be honest in your listing about the potential for small amounts of noise overhead as you get the kids off to school. You may still hear complaints though… non matter how much you disclose.


We sleep next door to our guest room - the walls are paper thin (we’re thinking of getting sound insulation) and I snore very loudly. We mention it in our introductory notes and provide earplugs for guests. So far, 30+ guests and no complaints! Just be upfront about it is the best way.


Your listing title: ‘Live with a household full of life’


She did an awesome job!! I may copy some of her wording!!


Good to know! Honestly we aren’t that loud (I type as the baby knocks a chair over :woman_facepalming:t3:!) really overall. I just want to be proactive.


I have had a few people feel the need to mention my children, one felt the need to tell me when they should go to bed. I call my listing family home and if you dont like children, my home wont be a good fit for you. It was 3 over 60’s women all grand mothers who mentioned it in reviews. I had another lady complain about sea gulls making noise, we live beside the sea. My children do their own thing, will say hello but thats it, the odd guest is allowed play their ps4 .I had a super japenese lady with us yesterday and she was teaching them some japenses words and they gave her a few irish words. They were bowing to her when she left, for a few moaners ,majority are lovely and your children are exposed to so many wonderful cultures


I just say up front that if you require quiet this place is not for you – “You may hear children at play, dogs barking, young professionals barbqueing on the weekend, and buses and the occasional siren as this is an urban area.”

Real-life translation: “You will definitely hear one or more of the following: Screaming kids from the schoolyard that backs up on my lot plus their balls flying over the fence, my terriers competing with the multi-chihuahua household down the street, drunken philosophical discussions and loud off-key singing from the weekend beer blasts in the surrounding group rental houses, and the screeching brakes of the 4B bus.” I suggest the nearby park for peace and quiet.

I provide a sound machine. I have had an unbelievable number of reviews that say the place was “quiet.” Always good to dampen expectations, yes?


I actually laughed out loud about the seagulls comment!! Kids come with the package! We will be mindful but cannot live in silence. I updated our listing to reflect our family. Thank you for the feedback!


I am waiting for guests to complain about the whales making noise. No really.


If you’ve got whales offshore I’m booking right now!


I would pay a lot extra to hear and see whales.


Of course whale sounds and sightings are never guaranteed. :rofl: There is a tour operator here who will take you again free if you don’t see whales from his boat. I won’t be making such a guarantee! :rofl::rofl:

That said, they are seasonal. They migrate to Hawaiian waters to mate and give birth from November through May.


Still a wee bit more plausible than sighting Nessie!


If Netflix is to be believed, there really are Bigfoot ! And aliens. The truth is out there. :dizzy_face:


We saw whales yesterday while fishing off shore, mid north coast of NSW Australia. A regular sight in season


New south whales??


Ha ha ha yes. New South whales


Children AND train. So much noise.