How to shadow ban bad guests so they can't book on my property again?

A family booked at my property last recently, and I really want to avoid hosting them again due to bad experiences with them. Is there a way to ban them without being offensive? Like a shadow ban

Nothing illegal was done, they’re just very unpleasant guests (noisy, dirty, etc). Thanks for whoever that answers this question.

You are able to block interactions with guests that you were uncomfortable with at any time. Also, when you are completing your review of the guest, you will be given an option “do you recommend this guest“ to other hosts; just select No.

I see people say this all the time. How do you do this?

Scroll down in the messages – there’s an option to Report User. I believe you can indicate there what the issue is and that you want the guest blocked. I know you can also contact Airbnb customer service and request that they handle it for you.

The “block” has disappeared as far as I’ve been able to tell or I’m not chosing the right combo of answers. But calling Airbnb about it might work.

@daroga There are two other ways to prevent these guests from staying at your property. If you have Instant Book enabled you can cancel three bookings a year due to being “uncomfortable with guest.” So if they book again, just cancel. If you don’t use instant book when they inquire again, tell them no, you don’t want to host them again. Don’t decline them just ask them to withdraw their request.


The last question of your review of the guest is “Would you host [GUEST] again?” If you say “No”, then they can’t book your place again.


Also, once the host has given them a bad review, surely they wouldn’t want to stay in that rental again?

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Well, I have heard of some guests that never even read their own reviews.

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Yes, I guess that might be the case with some people …

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Do you have instant booking turned on? That’s one of the reasons why I don’t use IB. Potential guests have to send a request to book. If I had a bad experience with them, I modify the calendar so it indicates “not possible.” This way I won’t get penalized for declining.

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Agreed. However I once had a CM argue with me for over 20 minutes when I felt that an “influencer” wanted to check in with a list of demands would not be appropriate. Strange but true.

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Are you sure? I thought it only prevented them from instantly booking hosts who required only positive reviews.

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can you change the calendar even if the instant booking feature is on?

Sorry, I really don’t know. I stopped using IB after two negative experiences.

Yes, you can change the calendar with instant booking on.