How to See who left Feedback to Improve

Was reading a review I just got and then noticed some guests left feedback on things I could Improve… I am all about feedback. I know one guest who said i was missing cooking basics because he apparently didn’t read my listing that states no kitchen. I know another who completely missed the basket with all the soaps etc and he apologized but was unable to edit. But now it says I am missing linens and pillows and toilet paper??! I want to know if there is a way to see who left those so I can try to think of how they were actually missing anything or if it was my jerky guest with a retaliatory review. I have 4 pillows on the bed, extra cozy blankets in the bedroom and living room, a set of bedding for the sofa sleepers (only 2 since I have started hosting.) Missing tp?! There are 2 extra rolls next to the toilet! I will fix any issues I may personally have so other guests are happy… but this is really just so fruatrating…

Hi @MissSwan, To find who left what feedback, in the app go to progress and then tap on the section that says overall rating and reviews. Just scroll through recent reviews and where it says Compliments on some it may say Feedback on others depending on what they noted. And you can see what they said.

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Its not there. Ive already combed through all which is why i asked :frowning:

If they didn’t leave any feedback or compliments you won’t see anything. I’m looking at mine and even the ones that showed negative feedback if you tap on that you will see the compliments as well. So nice of Airbnb to put the positive stuff first , Not!

I can see all of their reviews, compliments etc. I found the couple that I knew posted “improve items” but there are more listed here- bedding etc- that I cannot find anywhere. Maybe a glitch??

Oh OK, gotcha! The numbers are not adding up. I would put that off to a glitch for sure. There are some interesting maths going on on ABB. :confused:

How do I see that “Feedback” part? On my app (iPhone), there’s nothing between the “Compliments” with the heart/flower vase/bubble icons and the “Rating Highlights”

That means no one has left any improvement for you!

Well… the issue seems to have resolved. Now us just showing the ones I knew about. Why the crap is Air so glitchy?! Its not like its new. Anyways. Thanks for the help!

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