How to review a place when you didn't stay

I was going to go on an overnight trip and decided the day of not to go because my sick dog was not as stable and medication free as I’d hoped she would be. I would have taken her but it’s a no pets listing. Although I sent a message saying I wouldn’t be checking in, I didn’t get a reply. This is one of those hosts who apparently doesn’t engage in personalized communication with their guest. It was a non-refundable reservation at that point so no point in making the effort to cancel. As it was, I wasted my time sending informative messages.

To my surprise, I got a notification today that my host had reviewed me. Of course I’m interested in reading my review from them. But as soon as I started to review them I am stuck.

I’d like an option to click “see review without submitting review.” After I click it of course I would no longer have the option to review to preserve the double blind system.

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This is a big flaw in the review system, both for hosts and guests. Neither party can honestly check off any of the category ratings aside from Communication, if the guest never showed up.

If a guest actually cancelled day-of before checking in (which is thorny, as either party could lie about whether the guest actually did show up and then cancelled immediately for some legit or bogus reason), there could be an alternate review form used that only consisted of a communication rating and the option to write something.

Your suggested option is an interesting one, but since it would mean you no longer could leave a review yourself, it would just be out of curiosity to see what the host wrote before the 14 days are up?

If I were a host or guest in a no-show situation, I would message the other party to say that as the booking never took place, I am not planning to leave a review, and assume they won’t either.

If I did see they had left a review, and I had something I thought future hosts or guests should know about the communication (in your case, the lack of it with this host) I might then leave a review mentioning that, along with the fact that I didn’t actually end up staying due to personal change of plans.

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I was unable to stay at X’s place but I suspect it would have been everything I expected after reading the many reviews.

5 stars across the board.

The host gave you all 5’s, guests who do not check in are the best!



How do you know the host gave her all 5 stars?

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I am willing to bet, I do not know. But KKC was a perfect guest, she did not check in, paid in full and did not ask for a refund. 5 star guest in my book!



Well, hopefully she gave her a 5 star review, but you never know. As KKC describes the host, she/he doesn’t even bother to answer messages, so they could be the type to be irritated that she didn’t bother cancelling, allowing the host to possibly double-dip if the date opened up and the host accepts last minute bookings.


Thanks, I’m going to use this. I’ll report back on what their review of me said.

I used RR’s words plus I said it was an interesting experience even though I didn’t stay. I gave all 5 stars except in communication. 3 stars for that and it should have probably been 1. There wasn’t any communication from the host at any point.

Their review said “Dusty was a model guest! Would be our pleasure to host again anytime!” and the private feedback said “Thanks Dusty please come back anytime.”

It may as well be automated, maybe it is.

I can’t see stars or maybe I don’t know where to look for them.


I bet that’s just a standard review they use, changing the name for each guest. Easy enough to find out by looking at the reviews they’ve left for past guests.

I did that and they do change the reviews. It seems they and @RiverRock are on the same page… I’m a great guest who paid and didn’t stay. A recent bad guest of theirs got a long and detailed review. LOL.


Most importantly you didn’t hassle the host for a refund. Guests who cancel and don’t ask me for more of a refund than they are due always get an all 5-stars review from me.


Since this host has non refundable I waited to book, just didn’t wait long enough. I was too optimistic about how my Coco was recovering, but other things also happened that made it better that I stay here.

In any case I also don’t want to burn a bridge with the host in case I want to book again. There aren’t many good options in Odessa and they are the definitely the best for my needs.

Also 2 weeks ago I had a same day booking who booked for 2 nights and then canceled later the same day. I got to keep a percentage of the booking that was almost exactly the same amount as the Odessa host got from me. That guest also didn’t ask me for a refund. Easy come, easy go.


I hear you. That’s why my last host got 5-stars he didn’t deserve. I can’t say for sure that I won’t need to stay there again.

I wonder if your host is using scheduled messages and they didn’t send for some reason. I’ve heard of that happening. One of the many reasons I don’t use them.

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I got all the check information via the automated Airbnb system. But in my booking message I said there might be 2 of us and if there were, I’d change the reservation but no response. When I messaged saying I couldn’t make it because of my dog, no message. But at least they didn’t try to pressure me into cancelling so they could possibly make double payment on the night.

I think they are competent hosts who I’d enjoy staying with. I just have to learn that some hosts are too busy or too disinterested to be chatty. Their style is different than mine but that’s why I have 4.98 and they have 4.95 star average.

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I forgot you didn’t cancel. So you don’t get credit for not asking for a refund since you couldn’t anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m curious why you were annoyed.

It seems to me that you were not disadvantaged. [I’m assuming self check-in.] You would have had to do all those things you mention for a paying and staying guest, and for this non-cancelling guest you got to keep the cleaning fee.

I suppose there’s some mental ‘overhang’ in wondering whether the guest will come after all, but that seems small and self-imposed.

I’m especially surprised that the guest did not receive a good review from you. What did you mark them down for?

What am I missing?

You can leave a review and then ask for your review to be deleted. It’s a simple message to support.

That doesn’t stop a lot of folks. From reading here you would think it’s routine.

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i would do a 4 star on communication, since they didn’t reply to you, and give 5 stars for everything else.


Probably a remote host and the cleaning team didn’t tell the host that no one checked in so that they can still get paid for cleaning. I know, I’m jaded LOL

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I rarely book with anyone I suspect of being a remote host. But in this case the couple lives in the house and this is an attached guest suite. Based on the review they gave some bad guests recently they may clean the place themselves.

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