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How to reduce Airbnb Booking commission?


Is there Any way to reduce the commission which Airbnb takes for each booking? I have 32 properties on Airbnb and suffering by giving huge money to Airbnb. Any idea or way to reduce this commission?

Thanks in advance!


Click the heels of your slippers 3 times and your commission on Airbnb gets cut in half.


Lower your prices? :joy::joy:


Airbnb isn’t ‘taking’ and you’re not ‘giving’. Airbnb is offering a paid service (advertising, admin, fee collection, credit card processing, refunding etc.) and you have chosen to use that service and therefore pay for it.


why don’t you just stop using AirBnB and do all the advertising, financial arrangements, etc, youself?


although your own website might not get as much traffic as the Airbnb site!


Actually - raise your rates! The higher the total rate, the lower the percentage.

The best way is to find other booking platforms that charge lower rates. Most of them charge the same as Air or higher, so that probably won’t help a lot.

The other way is to get repeats and referrals to book directly with you. Raise your direct rate a little, but not as much as AirBnB’s total of their fee and your rate, or no one will want to book with you directly. Tell your leaving guests they get a discount for booking directly, and start a referral program.

Start a mailing list and email your prior guests (you’ll need to get their direct email, not the temporary one that Air gives), and see if you can get them to book directly in the future.

Good luck!


Get out of the business!


The most heartwarming response ever :wink:


3% is huge money? What planet do you live on? Airbnb handles everything for us but cleaning the toilet and despite their flaws, they deserve their modest fee.
Would you rather pay what the guest pays?


The argument is that overall they take 15% and if you could book them directly you could charge 15% more. Thing is, you have to pay someone somewhere. Google or the website host or the credit card processor…

I agree it’s a good value but it’s not really just 3%.


Is this a joke? How could someone with 32 properties ask this question?


Mine is about 15%, agree with the others get business direct and avoid them all.


Check this out… you asked how to eliminate fees? Seems they were wondering the same thing!:joy: Just another way we serve you better… YOU pay the fee!! :joy: From Phocuswire:

”Airbnb is asking select hosts to join a pilot program that removes guest fees from listings.
In an email the company is sending to hosts obtained by PhocusWire, Airbnb says it’s running the program to see if eliminating the fee increases bookings.
The email outlines that instead of the usual guest and host fees that total roughly 15% of the listing price, the new program will charge a host fee of 12% with no added guest fee.
Participation from hosts is entirely voluntary, and those that sign on will trial the service for about four weeks, after which rates and fees return to normal.

A source at Airbnb says the initiative is a response to feedback from professional hospitality managers looking for a different model to increase revenue.
Targeting this service to professional property managers – in this case, about 100 – hints to Airbnb’s further ambitions to infiltrate the hotel and professional hospitality space.
It’s already detailed plans around its new products announced in February; now it’s a question of how its service stacks up against the competition.
In a statement, Airbnb says: “We are constantly testing new and different ways to help our hosts accommodate more guests. This small, temporary, and voluntary pilot is one of the many experiments we are running as we try to learn more about how we can best serve our community.”


“Professional hospitality managers,” eh? There is #nobottom to my free fall dislike of what this industry has become.


I would love to see a new platform that was one owner, one home that could take on Airbnb. Are there really so few guests who seek to stay in someone’s home that Airbnb has to try to become the Amazon of travel?


I have been saying for a while that the listing sites with service fees are likely to head in this direction. TripAdvisor (pay per booking) already wraps their 14.5% into the nightly rate so guests think they are paying this to the owner. HA is currently A/B testing with different names to call any extra fees. But they are always a step behind Air.

With the #bookdirect movement, it makes sense for the sites to try to eliminate the fees and charge hosts the full commission. They will try implement rate parity so that you do not advertise for less on another site. That 12% will creep up to 15% in no time…plus an extra 3% for cc fees. It will be just like listing your house on Expedia or Booking .com.


I would prefer that my listing showed the actual price charged, seems much more logical.


Yup… they want to be just like those places but still controll cancellation policy, refund disbursement, security damage deposit and REVIEWS. The all important reviews. Which used to be an afterthought and are now life or death, make or break.



And don’t forget the policies like allowing emotional support chickens, unlimited toddlers, etc. They also want to control pricing.

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