How to leave a shower curtain

Okay, help me settle something here. We have a nice little Coach House Airbnb, in the near West suburbs of Chicago. We do the cleaning. Long story short, after we clean the place, my wife, whose opinion I respect deeply (in most things) likes to leave the shower curtain hanging off to the side, draped over the towel rack. She says that it shows people that the shower enclosure was cleaned, and it is airing out after being attended to.

I kind of think we should just leave it hanging normally, pushed to one side. 

And I’m not going to win this one. But just wondering… am I crazy?

I’ve only posted a couple times here, but I really appreciate all the knowledge and input. Thanks!

There is no absolutely correct answer. It’s like the great debate of which way do you hang the toilet paper roll.

Some will see it like your wife. Others like me would be puzzled (my first thought is what’s wrong with the curtain) but really not care.

As a wise man, you should pick another something to fret over.


Sorry to your wife- it looks untidy……


Yeah, it looks weird. I towel dry mine after a good scrub and sanitizing. I come back to it at the end of the cleaning to give it one last moisture check. I leave it open and hanging naturally. But, you have to pick those battles :sweat_smile:.


As a red blooded American male…I asked my wife, haha. She is the artistry behind our apartment’s decor, for which we’ve received excellent reviews.

Her perspective is that the curtain should hang down and not on the towel rack.


Looks really weird to me hanging over the towel bar. Never seen such a thing. Looks like someone stuffed it up there to get it out of way when cleaning and forgot to put it down again. Sorry to your wife, but you win this round. She can’t always be right. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Looks like you got interrupted while you were cleaning and forgot to go back and finish


I don’t think it’s pleasing to look at the shower curtain draped over the towel. To me, it looks like the cleaners forgot to put it back.


I disagree with leaving the shower curtain to one side, especially if you have a plastic liner under the cloth one. That allows any moisture to pool and get mildewing. I always try after disinfecting the liner to leave it fully extended.


It should at least hang down. I actually pull mine because it is beautiful and really makes the space look nice. It also dries well that way.


Another vote for putting the curtain back to the hanging down position.


I wash mine between groups so the new one will be clean and absolutely dry…and hanging down outside the bath


My husband and I agree that the curtain should be hanging down, pushed about half open.

As we clean the shower area of our tub-shower combo, we do exactly what your wife does. We drape the curtain over the towel rod. However, if we were to leave it like that for visitor arrival, we would both think it looked unfinished.

If we arrived at an Airbnb or a hotel and found the shower curtain draped over a towel rod, we would wonder what else was unfinished.


It looks untidy and not clean. Where are my towels? Why not hanging neatly on the towel rod? Honestly, I would wonder what else you “forgot” to put away/tidy up/make look presentable for guests.

This is weird, all due respect to your wife.

You probably won’t “win” this one, but if you change your language to “Honey, I ran it by the forum and 90% thought the room looked unfinished, messy, and as if you finished up in a hurry and didn’t finish staging. Maybe we should try it both ways with the next sets of guests and ask their opinions?”

And the biggie - does she do that with your personal shower curtains? If not, don’t do it in the guest suite.


That looks weird. Tell her that you’re right and not to do that anymore.


Sadly, there are guests that have no idea that when you take the shower you have to put the Curtin inside the tub. (Mostly foreign guests) but I’ve had some major floods.

I had to put instructions on how to use a shower, draw a bath, change water pressure, etc.


“You did what!?”
Maybe just say you did some research…
Anyway, I’ve never seen this ever, anywhere in the world. I would immediately think the host is hiding something.


@GeoffandAmy you MUST let us know how the conversation goes if you decide to have it! :sweat_smile:


I really needed this laugh today!

In no uncertain terms, the curtain being draped over the towel bar looks really funny/not good. I have never seen that before and I think most people would decipher the curtain like that to be either something that were not on purpose (bad), or outright just weird (also bad).

If money were no object, I would strongly suggest getting a few prices on having the curtain replaced entirely with glass to end the debate once and for all. There are some off the shelf options which look good enough ($500, and you can maybe install it yourself in the existing dims are close enough), and there are custom options which will look fantastic ($1,500-2,000 installed).

How about you get it replaced with glass and then spin that as a Christmas present to her/yourselves? Everyone wins?

If you have to keep the curtain, I would actually leave it completely closed. This airs the curtain out properly and also gives the impression that all is orderly (like a toilet seat/lid being down, drawers closed, fireplace mesh closed, etc.).


It looks silly. And the towels should be on the towel bar - or one at least.

The shower curtain should be where you want it to be when guests use it. So in our rentals it is at the side of the tub where the shower is with the liner inside the tub and the fabric curtain on the outside of the tub.

Believe or not, there really are people who have never used a shower curtain before so it’s better to simply show how it should be.