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How to address situation?


Sounds fair enough. It is fairly unsanitary in general. A general respect of the owner’s property when there is an available, accessible washroom in place in the airbnb does not warrant going to the washroom outside in public when not needed.


It’s a motion activated security camera for security purposes


Yes, pretty neat security features coming along.


Absolutely, makes sense


I think we all got that :slight_smile:


Great thanks. It is not for spying or scrutinizing. It is for security and picks up action that I happen to notice. I did not mention the motion activation in my question:)


I did not meet him in person due to my schedule. However, interesting to say the least:)


He was direct. Had been here 2 months without incident. Damaged my lawn and bushes too. Nobody actually SAW anything but the neighbour is very … sensitive. One bouquet and a written apology later they still scream blue murder if one of my guests happens to step on their adjoining walkway. But that was fact of life years before this incident. Living the dream here…:slight_smile:


Depending upon who happens to come along, the guest risks being tagged as a sex offender.


I cannot begin to comment on this thread…but perhaps this may enlighten those whom are culturally programed…


Thanks for the answers, especially the ones from K9karma & jkamm. I left it but you both were very helpful in your approach in answering. Thanks a bunch


Going now to look for the articles on using a stranger’s pee on other people’s property.


I stayed for a long time in African village with a. Family. 3 males in the house and 2 women. All go outside to pee but for number two there is a toilet. I of course used toilet for all my needs.
After a week of me staying with them a 6 year old made an observation: Yana poops a lot. :grinning:, Since the toilet is used for the family only for that purpose.
If one of my dear friends here in Kenya read this discussion I know what he/she would say with a laugh : white people :grinning::grinning:


That’s funny Yana. Yes, for sure, in North America going to the toilet outside when not needed is unsanitary. Get it if there’s an emergency or if this was a developing country which I don’t live in:). Thanks for the funny story :slight_smile:


Male pee is excellent on a compost heap. I would ask him not to waste resourses and direct him to one of my 8 compost heaps!! He wouldn’t have enough to do them all!!


All while pee is as sanitary as mineral water … unless you’re having a urinal infection.


Since most people already think urine is unsanitary, we’d better not mention India where people don’t limit themselves to peeing in public. :rofl::poop::see_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

To end on another funny note: Many years back my parents had a huge garden party with lots of drunken men (and women). Since my mum didn’t want to face any situations inside the house, she asked all the men to just pee “somewhere” in the garden…
It was a very hot summer, so it didn’t take very long to find the pee filled wheelbarrow the next day behind the garden shed. :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:


Urine is not sterile as some believe and how unsanitary it is depends on a number of factors. What’s really funny is that pee outside in the garden is so much more acceptable than in the house around the toilet, on the wall and on the floor. If it’s there it’s apparently something to be cleaned up, preferably with rubber gloves and bleach. :laughing:

Regardless of its benefits or how sanitary it is, how long people have peed outside or what people do in other countries, or what people were invited to do at someone’s party, Airbnb guests should not randomly pee outside on their host’s property in the sightlines of cameras, neighbor’s windows, street traffic, etc.

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