How often are you booked?

Informal poll: Curious to know in general what percentage of each month other host’s places are booked up?

  • How many days per month do you generally have vacant?
  • What type of location is your Airbnb? Rural, big city, etc?
  • Is it consistent or are there seasonal changes?

I am in Los Angeles, California. We typically have one day every six weeks with no guests.

I don’t know if this question is relevant to me because I am so seasonal. But I would say if you are overbooked then your prices are too low. :smile:


I am in a small city in the Southeast and I am usually booked about 12-15 nights per month (private space). This month I am booked 25 nights. My prices are a little higher than the competition but I have a great view and nice place. I am happy with my bookings - My area mainly draws weekend tourist.

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I’m booked about half the days I make available and that ends up being about a third of the days a month, excluding December and July. I don’t want to be booked any more than that and I don’t want to be booked too far in advance. My current booking situation meets my needs perfectly.


Normally about 70%. It has been as high as 99% (august 2015; 30 out of 31 days booked).

In London so all year round bookings (not seasonal).

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Our only vacant days are the occasional ones that I block after lots of back-to-backs so that I can catch up on deep cleaning so I’d say 99.5% We’re in South Florida and bookings are year round, not seasonal.

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On jacquo’s coast of Florida, she gets pretty constant bookings year around. On my coast (Southwest or Gulf side) we are very seasonal. High season starts about now and runs through April. October is about 70% booked, November is 95% booked, December so far is 50% and so on. April to October is Off season and we were booked probably 30% of the time.

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Wrong. I am one of the most expensive listings in our area. And don’t give me the old ‘put your prices up and make more with 75% occupancy than 100% occupancy at a cheaper rate’ because more guests means more referrals and repeat business. Works for me :slight_smile:


Good for you for standing up for yourself. It is so rude when people ask questions about how others run their listings, then others jump in to say that the everyone who does it differently than they do it is doing it incorrectly. Every host gets to choose how to run their own listing within the bounds of legality.


Ken, that’s because we are very lucky in that our city promotes the area as a conference and business area during the non-tourist season. They do a great job.

Well, a quote from the Blues Brothers.‘Oh, we got both kinds. We got country and western.’

Rap is better :slight_smile:

Your city doesn’t promote the place as a business venue. Ours does. End of story :slight_smile:

I thought it can’t get any more seasonal than here in South Florida. You don’t feel the difference between summer months and winter?



You know you are getting old when you complain about the sh*t music tastes of the youth. :smiley:

Don’t be such an old fuddy duddy. :smiley:

Some rap is great. I take hip hop dance class and rap music is de rigueuer.


Miami and I am about 90 percent during off season with about 5 days a month non booked high season 99 percent except I also block days for deep cleaning or to catch a break.

I am close to the keys so have a lot of back to backs. This will be my 2nd high season with now 85, 5 star reviews so will be raising my rates and aiming for more of a 80 percent monthly booking rate.

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We just started a vacation rental on Maui. We’re told it’s seasonal but from the time we started the rental July1 to next April1 2017, we’re at 91% occupancy, with a few holes during “high” season that we’re pretty sure will get filled up as well.

I thought there would be but luckily the only difference seems to be that in the season stays are longer. I had a couple of free days in June that didn’t fill, plus a guest delayed his arrival for two days when Hurricane Matthew was lurking but that’s all :slight_smile:

I’m in Big Bear Lake - it’s a 4 season resort area- ski, lake, biking. This year, my 2nd full year in- I am booked 250 nights of the year. My first year was 210 nights.

October and April are dead with only weekends booked for the most part. But in the 2.5 years I’ve never had a non booked weekend.

Wow that’s great- what area of LA?