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How necessary is a wardrobe?

I curious how important guest find there being a wardrobe? Do they expect there being one? Or is a valet/stand/rack enough?

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I think if you have a rack it should be enough.

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I have historic home with mostly wardrobes. But in 2 of the rooms, I just have hooks with hangers along with luggage racks. After about 100 guests, no complaints. I do mostly 1-3 day stays.

Wardrobes are nice. I like them. Even when they don’t contain a portal to snowy lantern wastes at the back of them. My rental room has one. Unfortunately, there is nothing exciting at the back of mine…


We always get comments about lack of wardrobes in out two smaller rooms. We have hooks and valets, plus a hall wardrobe. It makrs me curious how much stuff people pack!

I have an open rack. People use it all the time. So I think its time to upgrade to a small wardrobe to help keep the dust getting to the clothes.

Did you just cited Narnia?

IMHO wardrobes would not be terribly important in European listings, unless you are booking lots of ‘long stay’ guests. Most short stay guests are accustomed to living out of their suitcase and would only need to hang a few things to shake out wrinkles.

Most American listings have built-in closets for hanging things, but not every one has a dresser for storing other clothes. Again, IMHO not particularly important unless you’re booking a lot of stays longer than a week or ten days.

A rack should be enough. If you want to go the extra then the wardrobe.

Half my 17 guests have been on short business trips and they have suits which they need to hang up. I guess it depends who you attract.

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My new favorite TV show is Hotel Hell. It’s a silly reality show where Gordon Ramsey goes to failing inns and does the Kitchen Nightmare thing - tries to save their business after brutalizing them and then converting them to his way. In one episode he’s in a room and the wardrobe is locked. When he asks the owner to unlock it, it turns out that it’s filled with her personal belongings including stinky old shoes and bags of old clothing.

I thought it was interesting because before that I wouldn’t have given it too much thought as most guests that I have don’t really unpack their luggage as much as they take things out and put them on chairs. I have closets in every room so it’s not been an issue, but if I didn’t have a closet I would have thought that some kind of rack or hanger thing would work, but it changed my mind. I like my things put away out of sight, so why wouldn’t a guest want the same? To hang their things in a wardrobe and close the door.

So the long story is not so interesting, but I think a room should have some type of wardrobe/closet.

Hi @Vera,

Yes, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. I’ve yet to meet a wardrobe that leads anywhere interesting, but I live in hope…


Those who wonder are not lost :slight_smile:


Ooh. LOTR play on words. I like it.


Yeah I love those shows. Seen them all.

LOVE Gordon. He comes here to Kona to do the Ironman championships and is the nicest guy. He’s nice to everyone and has no ego about running the Ironman. No matter what he will stop and talk to people. His crabby TV personality is just a schtick.

You should watch the original UK kitchen nightmares, it’s not all about drama like the US version.

Either way, I have learnt a lot from those shows about the right things to do, it’s very useful, and entertaining of course :slight_smile:

We get that here and it’s much better than the US version. Seems more authentic. :slight_smile:

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I wrote an article on alternatives to wardrobes in vacation rental bedrooms you might find useful:


Have any of you seen ‘Four in a Bed’ - a UK show about B&Bs? Four sets of B&B owners compete to be the best - comes on at wine o’clock here in New Zealand and is a bit of a hoot…

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