How much does Air B+B get in total

Dear fellow renters,
Could you tell me exactly how Air B+B calculates its prices nowadays?
When my daughter first started using them to rent out her flat a few years ago,their fees seemed quite reasonable according to her.
In the meantime,I have taken over the flat and it appears that they have recently increased their profits by quite a large percentage.
Is this correct?
Is there any way to change back to the old system?

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What research have you done yourself in respect of the fees charged for this property?

Have you read any of the information freely available on the Airbnb web site?


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I have no idea what they used to be but it is generally 14.2% that the guest pays, but it’s less for long term stays, and it is 3% that the host pays.

There is an option to switch to “simplified pricing” in which case you would pay 15% flat and the guest would not pay any.

They are charging 76$ “service fee” on a 500$ booking. 2 nights @ 225, + 50 cleaning.
My guest pays 576$
looks close to 14.2%

I’m guessing you were switched from the split fee model to the host-only fee model, but you didn’t adjust your price to account for it. I think this was automatic in specific countries and/or for hosts that use a 3rd-party software to manage hosting.

Edit: Here’s an older discussion on the subject.