How many of you really iron all your sheets?

THIS takes all my time and I do the triple sheet method which saves somethings. I have 3 to 4 sets of sheets and an extra 2 queen flat sheets for the triple effect.

I am just wondering what do you all do in regards to ironing the sheets, and no the dryer doesn’t quite cut it for wrinkles.

nope I don’t iron my sheets but I don’t offer a high end Air (most nights I charge between £25-30)

Not only your time, Carmen, your money. Irons draw huge amounts of energy.

I may iron the pillow cases, of course the shams, never the sheet. I’m not a high-end listing

I am thinking of only ironing the top visible sheet and the pillow cases only. Competition here is tough and since I am closer to the keys then south beach I am trying to stand out until I get reviews. Quite frankly some of the listings that are in my price range 50-60 usd look more like hostels and not a place I want to stay in.

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I iron the pillow cases and about the top third of the sheets. I figure that’s the only part they’ll see.


i can’t believe how many of you do this! I would never spend the time or effort or I would have to jack up the cleaning fee.


I am a higher end rental (not luxury) and I do not iron anything. Hell…if the sheets don’t look too bad I just pick off the hairs from the last guest - saves me a load of laundry - Kidding :smile:

I just try to take out the sheets when they are slightly damp and it helps with wrinkles, but of course it doesn’t take them all out. Sometimes I don’t get to the dryer in time and the wrinkles in my wrinkle free sheets are set in. But that’s just what the guests get and hopefully they are so excited about their vacation and the comfiness of the mattress, linens, and pillows that they overlook the wrinkles. But I don’t triple sheet. I have a coverlet on each bed so all they initially see upon arrival are the wrinkled pillow cases.

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I don’t even know how to iron sheets lol :joy:


You can iron sheets? Just kidding, but NOPE - ain’t nobody got time for that (if they’re cheap like me ^^ - I just fold them nicely so they don’t crease)

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really? My sheets become a mess if I don’t iron them, like grandma! To top that off these are suppose to be 800 thread count which are bare thin and suck!

Used to iron sheets but ended up replacing all 100% cotton sheets to 60%cotton40%polyester. Saved me tons of time and money.

I just interviewed a vacation rental sheet expert and she had some ideas for keeping them smooth in the comments section. Her name is Alanna Shroeder and she really knows her stuff!


I iron the pillowcases and top sheet

Guests do notice the little things plus to be fair I only work 2 & 1/2 days a week so I have the time.


I don’t iron a damn thing and I’ve not heard anyone mention a few wrinkles in a review. I wouldn’t waste my time.


I would LOVE to see a photo of this!

Not in a million years!!!

We are AIRBNB Superhosts (We achieved Superhost on our 10 visit!). We do not iron our sheets. We use high quality sheets, and we’re great folders, which cuts down on wrinkles. We steam everything for 50 minutes. This kills dust mites and makes it impossible for bed bugs to get any footing if they do get brought in. (We have an extensive anti-bed bug protocol). We do steam our duvet cover with a steamer and sometimes the pillow cases too.

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DragonflyHill, do you steam when the sheets and duvet are already on the bed or beforehand?

And what brand of steamer do you use?

I never really heard of ironing sheets but did it yesterday to see how it was - and it really does make the sheet feel luxurious! I hope I get faster at it, though…I was rather clumsy -

But here’s what a learned - when ironing I saw a LOT of hair and dust that i would have missed. I took another tip I got from this forum (dont’ remember who) and used a lint brush with great success. So for that alone, it was worth it