How many keys to provide guests?

How many keys do you provide your guests? I have only two keys available that are not able to be copied since they are “digital” keys.

Even for large groups, I prefer to give them only one key so I have a backup.

However, should I be providing them both?
Would I receive a negative review if I just provided one key for a group of 4 guests?

Hi. I would highly recommend having more than just 2 keys to begin with. I’ve found that if guests want more they will ask for them. Giving one to each guest increases your risk of one or more being lost, so might want to limit keys to 2 per reservation. Best of luck!

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My keys are not able to be copied (they are digital keys), so 2 is the max I can have.

My guests (groupsize 5 max) receive one key on arrival, and until now no-one asked for one more. Reflecting on the issue , I’d say that If they wish to split up and leave or return at different times, I’ll give them a second key, asking that one back when they returned.

We usually did 2 sets (and then had 2 spare for ourselves and cleaners). If you are able to hang a lockbox, that can help as it will give people a place to put the keys as they come and go if they are a big group with only a single or double set of keys.

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I provide a minimum of two, sometimes three. I also have a lockbox which works great. I stayed at an Airbnb with keypad and it was fantastic. No lost keys and everyone could come in and out.

We installed a keypad exterior lock made by Schlage. No more lost keys, or having guests wait for you. We have one code for us and one for our guests which we can change each guest. We have extreme weather and after one year it works very well.

I usually base this on the hotel standards, as they’re pretty well-versed in the number of keys that guests need. Generally, they would provide 2 keys to groups of 3-5 guests.

That being said, I think this is really your own judgment call. In my experience, guests understand any convenience and safety precautions you may want to take…after all, it is your home. There are though, found here: So if you have a sense that you’re disappointing your guests, you can always invest in another set.

I would recommend having more than 1 backup as keys can easily be lost. You could always make it known to the guest that if they need them, an extra key is available. I’m sure with 2-3 guests, they won’t really need an extra key but at least they know it’s available. That way, they have the option and can’t complain that they didn’t have enough keys.

I live in a 2BR rented apartment. My roommate is away for a few months and I will be staying at her room and renting mine. she has the second set of keys and I have mine. I can only copy the building’s key but not the apartment’s key. If I tell my guests that copying keys is not possible and that I will be available all the time, will this push them away?
Please help!!

As a guest, I would wonder why a key would not be available. It would feel strange to have to knock to get into a place that I rented, but that is just my thoughts as a traveler. My question to you is, Are you really available 24 hours a day, where you never leave your apartment, don’t sleep, don’t want to be disturbed?

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i use electronic keypad locks, i rent places that i don’t live in, i’m not there, thus i can rent, i’m off working.
i do have keys in lockboxes outside, in case the batteries die or if people want keys. works great.

My guests get only 1 key.
They can leave them at the reception or take them with them.

Our keys are numbered and copies are very expensive, if they loose them we charge €50 per key.

Our max number of guests is two. They get one key only. Because I’m on the premises (separate apartment) I tell them that if they are going their separate ways to let me know and I will either give them an extra key or let them in myself when necessary. No-one has ever asked for any extra key.

0 keys. 0 hurt feelings. 0 stress. Keep it electronic.

Another bonus of having a small rental, one key is always enough. LOL. (I also have a keypad)

Well, my last guests lost 1 set of keys (I provided two sets). They didn’t tell me they lost a set until I discovered myself after they checked out. This is the most frustrating part in my hosting experience, one of my previous guests also did not tell me about some damage, and I have only hosted for a month! What is wrong with people who did some damage/lost keys and don’t bother to mention? Do they think I am too stupid to notice?

The guests told me it is possible they have keys packed in the luggage and they couldn’t check until they are home tonight. So I told them, if they can find it and post back to me, I will only charge them a small fee for duplicating a set for my current guests (back to back booking, previous guests left in the morning, new guests have arrived so I have to duplicate a set).

However, if they couldn’t find the keys, I will have to get a locksmith and rekey all the locks for security reasons (I think the guests who lost my keys have friends close to my property, who knows who could enter my property if I don’t rekey). The problem is Airbnb asks me to send a request through resolution centre with receipts attached. My new guests will stay for 12 days, and then another back to back booking afterwards. I don’t seem to have an empty day recently for a locksmith visit. Will I lose my right to claim from the guests if the thing is dragged too long? Also, what happens if guests refuse to pay for rekey? Does Airbnb pay instead? Thanks!!!

Btw, airbnb asked me to lodge through resolution centre tonight, but my guests said they couldn’t check until late tonight. If in the end they couldn’t find the keys, how can I get a locksmith quote/receipt tonight? it will be after hours.

Freya - you are in Australia- yes?
Airbnb runs on USA time - we are ahead, they are behind… your timing should be ok

Get your locksmith to email quote / account

Hi Debthecat, thanks for the reply. I am in Australia, and I’m searching for a quote now since I highly doubt they may have lost the keys. They asked me multiple times to try find keys in the drawers/under sofas, sounds like they don’t have it, checking luggage is their last try.