How many keys to provide guests?

I’d start the process and get locksmith to do job. The guests haven’t earned any more chances. I’d suggest getting a keypad lock. Tell them that you can’t wait due to air policies.

It turns out they left the key in the car they hired :joy:. Now the rental company is going to send me the keys through post. But I have duplicated the keys for a small fee ($11) because my current guests need the key, and I’m going to charge the previous guest because they caused a lot of troubles and never say sorry, not just the keys, haha.

keypad lock is on my to do list, just need a bit more time researching and a day to implement. I have two access and I had to replace both together, means double the money :sweat_smile:

It’s great to have a keypad. Best thing we ever bought!

We just had one fitted yesterday. I don’t like the ones that need a cellphone to use them but our simple keypad is proving to be wonderful so far.

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