How long to reply?

How quickly do you message the guest after a booking or a request to book? Please choose one and feel free to elaborate with comments

  • within the hour
  • within a few hours
  • within 24 hours
  • within the week
  • usually varies from hours to days

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I usually respond within an hour, exception being when they book after bedtime then I respond in the morning.


Same for me. xoxoxoxo


:black_medium_square: as soon as possible


Same here - We don’t answer 24/7 but we do during waking hours for our property’s time zone.


Same, within the hour during waking hours. But while I respond quickly to requests and inquiries, if an already booked guest has a question between booking and arrival date, I don’t feel as pressured to respond immediately if I am busy.

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It’s within a few hours for me. Because I use IB there’s no real urgency to respond, although unless I’m asleep I like to reply as soon as I can to thank them for their booking and to ask if they have any questions about their stay.

These days, when most of us have our phones with us all the time, it’s a pretty easy thing to do. I’ve contacted guests from all sorts of places which just wasn’t possible in the days of landlines. :slight_smile:


Always right away for the initial response. I imagine that they have sent notes to multiple hosts, and I want to be the front runner.

If their request is complicated I might respond to their subsequent questions a bit more slowly, to give myself time to think. But generally those responses are also quite quick because I have pretty clear constraints on who my target market is.

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Same usually ASAP which is almost always less than an hour. Occasionally I may wait to respond if I’m in a restaurant or movie theater, depending upon the issue.

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Within the hour or as quickly as possible. Like others here, if I’m asleep I respond as soon as the coffee hits in the morning. :wink: :coffee:

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They get a scheduled message within 5 minutes

As soon as I see it. RTBs block the calendar. I only get RTBs from problem guests so I try to get them to withdraw the request as soon as I can.

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I try to respond more quickly to inquiries so people can plan. I usually message with a welcome and directions within 24 hours. Repeat instant bookers get a quick hi.

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For me it’s within a few hours if I’m at work since I don’t check my personal email during work hours. If it’s over the weekend than it’s within an hour.

I don’t understand this. You have said you have no requirements for IB, so why do problem guests send you RTB?

I have never used IB so all I get are RTBs and inquiries. And while I know RTBs block the calendar until they are dealt with, I have never had an accepted Request block my calendar, as it seems like all my guests have already had their info uploaded to the site, so as soon as I accept, the booking gets confirmed.

So I assume you don’t use the app or get SMS notifications? I understand there are hosts (and guests) who aren’t tied to their phones.
I also reply within a few hours, usually immediately, unless I’m asleep.

I ask because I booked an Airbnb on Wed night and I haven’t heard back from the host. It could be they are traveling because the Airbnb calendar doesn’t have any open dates until June. It could be that since the stay is in June and it was an IB, there’s no rush anyway. Once I didn’t hear anything from a host for 2 weeks including ignoring a change request and I just canceled and booked a different Airbnb. But I know not everyone hosts the way I do. This host has 476 reviews/4.95 average/5 in communication.

I’m not particularly concerned about this stay but in general, compared to hosts nationwide, I think I work too hard. LOL.

I don’t understand it either. Presumably some host must have said “I wouldn’t host again”. I would rather not get any RTBs.

Ikr! I usually think this after being a guest at an AirBnB.

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I actually leave my cellphone in the car so I won’t see the messages until I get ready to leave the parking lot.

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and if the phone dings with a query/ booking at 2 in the morning- i answer immeadiately

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I respond as quickly as possible, sometimes with a “I’ll be able to answer your questions in a few hours”. Phone is on the nightstand and I allow the “schwings” to come thru. I check to see if it’s urgent (a booking) or someone just asking a stupid question and decide whether to get up to respond or not.

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