How long should an airbed last?

I have gone through two airbeds in over two and half years. Is this normal? I honestly don’t know how often they are used unless the guest leaves it laying out. Many guests are polite and put it back in the bag.

I replaced the initial airbed last September. And I doubt many people have used it. Often times I will suggest the huge couch in the basement for them to sleep on.

Sometimes the real little ones may sleep in the beds with the parents. I wish I could throw out a number of how many times I would guess it has been used…but I can’t. If I had to guess, I would say only one set of guests a month would use it at max. And that may only be for a few days.

Maybe those of you who have an airbed as a main bed…you could tell me how long yours lasted. This last one was Aerobed brand, and the current guest said it deflated half way down after about an hour and then she filled it back. Later she woke up and it was really deflated again. I am testing it now and did the bubble test and don’t see any…but it is deflating just like she said. The valve is shut properly.

So I am wondering if guests using the airbed are just having their kids jump all over it and it is stretching it too much. Another set of guests said the first airbed had a leak but they had wild hellions running and screaming all over the place. Even if it was not their doing…in my mind I still blamed them…lol.

The current guest group is 3 adults - 2 adult daughters and a mother - so definitely no wild kids jumping up and down. I am going to guess the leak problem was a previous guest who did not say anything. That means it only got a few uses sinces Sept. Thoughts??

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No cats ever are allowed. I no longer allow dogs but will once in a while make an exception if it is dead season.

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Only stuffed and freeze dried pets allowed.


We have a twin AeroBed brand air mattress and it has lasted no problem for 4+ years. I would say we use it on average once a month for a few nights

Thanks azreala. Do you know if the air bed is usually used by children or adults?

This particular one has been used by both, but more frequently I would say teenagers and adults. We don’t get too many kid kids in our places.

I also have 2 of the cheapo Target brand air mattress, and they do not last as long, but the price is so low it almost doesn’t matter.

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But please, out of respect for our other guests, use only your designated area in the freezer to store dead pets.


JSquared - I think you just came up with the conclusion to not encouraging guests to cook and eat out instead…lol!


I own two different brands of airbeds, Aerobed and Intex (latter much cheaper). Both have lasted 5+ years with at least a dozen uses by teenagers and adults. I believe there have been some jumping but not little kids stomping on them. Intex finally ripped when my friend accidentally caught it on something. During the night, there may be some leakage but I’ve never had an air mattress deflate totally while I have used it. I don’t know if this helps but I think it may have been someone who was a little rough with the mattress based on my experiences.


Yes, it helps. I am thinking maybe just bad luck and hopefully no more!

I had an AeroBed that started deflating about 9 months in. I tried really hard to find the leak, and finally did–or so I thought. I patched it, and that worked for a bit, but not sufficiently. The good news was that AeroBed had amazing customer service. They promptly honored the warantee and shipped me a replacement for free. I’m being extra careful with the new bed, especially now after reading this thread and hearing that people have used beds for 4+ years without problems.

One note: The water/soap test was useless. The best test was to have someone sit on the bed while you very slowly, carefully, meticulously, hold your hand an inch above the material. On all sides. Also, you actually can very faintly hear the air whistling through the leak.

My guess is that the number of days the bed is used doesn’t really have anything to do with it. Moving the bed around – setting it up, deflating it, putting it into/out of the bag, etc – probably is the biggest risk to tearing it. You have more of a chance of catching it on some dirt or dust on the ground.

I’d recommend contacting the company. Let us know how it goes.

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Yikes. I don’t know then. You can try Aerobed. But if you only paid $39 for it I would just eat the cost. Sounds like a great deal. I figure you’ll recoup it soon if you charge for extra guests who would use it.

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Yeah it was directly through the website.

I think if it is cheap enough it might be worth getting it from a discounter. But you probably have to be very careful with it.

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Get an Aerobed from Costco. If it pops, you know what to do…

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Felix - what do I know what to do…lol? There is no Costco in this area. We have Sam’s Club. Are you saying they have lifetime warranty?

I tossed out my airbeds - I only use cots now and I add an Ikea mattress topper to make them extra comfy.

I really like how portable yet sturdy my newest cot is. I got it at Amazon and it’s called an “iBed - Bed in a Box.” ($108) I also throw an Ikea mattress on top as an extra mattress layer. I had a roller cot and it was bulky and ended up bending. I guess it would be up to the parent as to how old a kid would be to sleep on it - I don’t see much difference between that and a twin bed.

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My $300 air bed last only 3 sets of guests, someone knifed it with something & I couldn’t be bothered to deal with a claim. Moved on & bought a smaller double ensemble. I just don’t think they are up to air guests which in my experience have much less care for my stuff than I would. Going forward I buy 2nd hand or IKEA only, less stress for me to be honest. If you want to offer and extra bed and don’t have room I’d just buy a couple of extra stretchers so you don’t have a complaint in the middle of the night when it inevitably busts.

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