How long before Superhost status reflects?

I qualified as of January 1 but have not seen my Superhost status reflect. Perhaps its because of the holiday. I just messaged Air and waiting on response. Anyone know?

On your stats page you will see this:

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I wouldn’t worry about it, it makes no real difference to guests and BNB no longer prioritises those with Superhost status in the rankings.

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Obviously this is true of some guests, but they do still have a SH filter. I have had two guests tell me they only stay with Superhosts after having bad experiences with non SH. That’s two I know of, there could be others.

I was recently searching and besides defaulting to IB hosts everyone on the first page was either New or a SH. Do you have a source for this information?

I agree with this, certainly isn’t worth worrying about.

I do use my $100 annual travel credit and I certainly hope I continue to get it. That alone justifies seeking the status.

  1. They do have a SH filter. However when I have looked for properties as a guest and when I look at my own city - superhosts like myself come not only below those with IB and new listings, but below other listings further out of the city, with lower ratings and no Superhost status.

  2. I have asked all my guests who stayed with me whether my Superhost status made any difference to whether they booked with me. All said no and that they didn’t even know that it existed!
    From talking to other local hosts they have the same story.

  3. I don’t have a ‘source’ for that information - just based on my own research on monitoring listings in my city for the past year. Do you have a source that says that those with Superhost status come first in the rankings after IB and new listings. If so I would love to see it so I can contact BNB about the fact my superhost ranking is so far below others without this status.

No and I didn’t say they did. What I said was that on my own searches here in the US (if it makes a difference I’m looking at the LA area last week of February private room 1 person no SH filter on)

How did those SHosts get on the first page of results? I don’t know. They were all instant book as well.

I just did a search for Portland OR and 10 of 18 hosts on the first page were SH but only one was New. Interesting but I don’t know what it means. Edit: I did the exact same incognito search and only got 6 of 18 SH on first page.

OP, you will see it 14 days or so after Jan. 1st. Airbnb is waiting to give any guests who stayed with you near the end of December their chance to review you. It’s possible that a guest who stayed on December 30th might give you a bad review and disqualify you from SH status. At least I’m pretty sure this is how it works and why you’re not seeing your badge yet.

My last guest was very Airbnb savvy and she said she typically tries to book with Superhosts. I told her I qualified Superhost and the icon would appear soon. I think it’s a state of mind. I believe I am a super host whether I have an icon or not. Having the Superhost icon is awesome though. It matters to me as I’ve worked hard to provide my guests not just a rental but an over all awesome experience.

Thanks, I messaged Air and they said the same thing.

Thanks, I’m just so excited to receive Superhost. I work so hard to exceed the customers expectations and getting it is just icing…well you know!

Looks like you have already added SuperHost to your website. A bit premature… but enthusiastic.

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I added it because I already earned it based on Airbnb policy, I’m just waiting on the icon. I qualified almost a month ago but the next assessment wasn’t until January 1. Nothing saying you can’t once you’ve earned it and yes, I consider myself extremely enthusiastic.

Actually, you don’t earn it until the quarter is over. But, clearly you are eager after 14 reviews.

That’;s not so, Airbnb reviews to make sure you qualify, then the icon is posted on your listing for all to see. I don’t get wrapped up in numbers, that’s for bean counters,

Let me help you out. This is from the Air website:

"If you meet the Superhost program requirements on the assessment date, you’ll qualify for Superhost status, though it may take a couple days for your Superhost badge to appear on your listing.

Like others said, your badge will appear from Jan 14th.

It’s completely childish but I am also very happy to be a SH and would be disappointed if I lost the status (I was first of my class at school, that’s the same kind of feeling).

I am with the ones who think it does not make much of a difference with guests, though I can remember when I was new to airbnb as a guest I used the SH filter. I have started to ask all my guests why they picked my listing and the answer is always photos/reviews/location, and often, much to my surprise, price.

Barthelemy, I guess I’m kind of in the same boat. Great pride in everything I do. Just left the military after 20 and my last assignment was as a recruiter where I was ranked #1 in California early on. I mention that because being number one in everything is my goal and passion in life and Airbnb. Exceed guest expectations and don’t get wrapped up in the numbers = success!

BTW, can you share your listing link? I try to find at least one thing from other like minded hosts that I can use to improve my Air. Thanks!

Thanks for clarifying.

Everytime I check listings in my area anonymously (same criteria) I see different listings, but with no apparent consistently - instant book and new listings are mostly, but not always at the top and then superheats are sprinkled throughout and often below those with no IB, who aren’t new and have lower ratings - there seems no rhyme or reason. (I’m in the UK)

@Helsi, in a city with hundreds of vacancies, it makes a difference. Our listing currently doesn’t show at all unless someone chooses our neighborhood or the SH filter. So, we hope that some would be guests are doing that.

It will also depend on how booked you are, I imagine. It’s high season here and were booked until the end of April so I don’t expect to come up in searches at the moment.