How do you handle not great reviews for guests?

When i have great guests I go online and leave a review for them right away. This also is an alert to other hosts and myself int he future if they want to rebook.
But if I have mediocre guests( not great, but not terrible) who i am not sure are going to leave me a great review, a lot of the time i dont review them at all. This is also a sign to me in the future if they want to rebook. I also note people who tell me they have stayed on airbnb before and they dont have any reviews. I might not take them.
As for guests who I was not happy with I do find that harder… is it really helpful for US to leave a bad review?
I currently have a few on my undecided list.

I review all guests and see two good reasons to do so. The first is for good guests. If they are the sort of people I’d like to see as repeat customers, then I praise them and say that we’d love to have them again.

I haven’t had any nightmare guests (yet) but if the guests were mediocre, I simply pick a good thing (communication, friendliness, whatever) and mention the positive aspects of the guests.

I try to write in a way that will alert potential hosts to any problems such as ‘X stayed here with his charming wife and cute baby…’ to alert hosts that they travel with a child or ‘I had the opportunity of meeting many members of X’s family …’ to try to explain to future hosts that they had an excessive number of visitors during their stay.

Whether this works, I’ve no idea!

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How would you all handle guests in your home who are loud in the middle of the night? Would you, “Let it go, let it go”? Or write something polite about how they’d be better suited in a location where the host doesn’t live on site?

How loud? Music? Party? Stomping in heels?

We try to review all guests, when they have been great we make sure the review is very positive and always state we will welcome them back.

If they have been an issue or two we’ll generally say something like simple like 'thanks for staying with us, we hope you enjoyed Copenhagen.

I think a lot of hosts can read between the lines and see that unless a guest is being positively praised in a review, then there may have been issues.

We luckily haven’t had any really terrible guests but if they were really bad, I would kind of feel obliged to mention to forewarn future hosts.


thats a nice and professional way to deal with it.

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Nothing extreme, but drunkenly yell-talking and laughing and slamming doors.

What time of night?

It’s probably worth that tag line about being best suited for a full house/apt. accommodation.

I think that is bad behavior. If you want to wait until the last minute to leave a bad review it would be smarter.

You could say something like “guest chose not to be respectful and woke other guests with drunken yelling and other noises at xx am.”

As a host I would not want the guest and would want to hear about that.

so here is the reviews i WANT to leave someone… who i think may leave me an unhappy review… feel free to comment or edit… i am sure some of you could do a better job.

I don’t think K read my whole listing before booking as she expressed displeasure on arrival that no coffee making gear was provided for her camping adventure and that check out time was 10 am. She also seemed upset that I could not take her giant bag of trash from her week long road trip. I got the feeling she wasnt thrilled with the effort i made to help her and her friend have a good trip, providing extras like ice, ice cream and plastic utinsils. I did find her friend upbeat and positive and grateful for the adventure.

I would leave off the part about the friend and state everything else. The friend isn’t necessarily going to be a part of the guest’s future bookings.

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you would? thanks… id like to hear everyone else chime in on how they would do it. i guess also mentioning the friend is a way to say most people( including someone with her) had a good time.

I don’t think that’s necessarily true! If I see a short mainly positive review about someone, I would conclude it’s been overall a good experience! What would be the point of just saying something generic like xxx guest stayed and was good with communication or whatever.

I actually don’t review every guest. If they were bad and I want to say something I would wait until the last minute to review. If they were just ok, I will not review. Don’t want to take the chance that they would be prompted to smack me with something. Have had it happen too many times!

im sort of on the same page not reviewing just ok people… i think it does send a message. guests need good reviews as much as we do. and not getting a review might encourage them to try a little harder next time… if i hear from a guest that they stayed in my town on airbnb in the past but have no reviews, i wont accept their booking…but i am really interested in how different hosts handle this and i am sure i can learn something from you guys.

You may be missing out. New guests with no reviews are some of my best experiences.


It’s an adventure for the new ones, and the variety of spaces they can get compared to hotels is usually enough to awe them the first time around.

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Just hope you don’t get a second-time user whose first stay was at a place with a new host giving away $80 bottles of wine for a $50 stay trying to get their first few good reviews.

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LOL! Or it can happen in reverse. That is what I think happened to the Alberta witch. She stayed here and probably thought it was OK upon departure. Then she went directly from here to another ABB in North Kohala with amenities I couldn’t compete with, compared that Taj Mahal to my tenement and decided I was filthy and tired and told me so and more… Her feedback to me was nothing short of sadistic.

Just imagine if they had the same whole year allowance that HA gives for leaving a review. :open_mouth:

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2 am. We ask for quiet hours from 11 pm to 7 am in the house rules.