How do you deal with all the laundry within a reasonable time? Laundromat?

Those of you with multiple beds, how do you deal with getting all the linens and towels done within a reasonable time? I’m considering upgrading to a fast washer and dryer. But think that would be enough?

Multiple sets, two washing machines and a roof terrace drying area that catches the breeze 99% of the time.

Not that the latter is any good when it’s peeing it down :slight_smile: so have a back up plan of using the large dryer in a nearby self service laundry. That said, given the climate in the south of Spain we haven’t yet had to resort to that.



Multiple sets of linens.


Most hosts have multiple sets of linens and towels which they use for turnarounds.

You then don’t have to worry about having bedding and towels turned around on the same day.


At least two sets of linens and towels for each bed/bathroom.


Definitely multiple sets of linens.

I had a same day turnaround yesterday and discovered that the guest had ruined the sheets with what appeared to be a marking pen. Huge, black stains that wouldn’t come out even with soaking and scrubbing. I would have been in trouble with another guest coming if I didn’t have that second set of sheets.


Well, when I saw the title of this I thought ‘multiple sets is the only way’ and then discovered that everyone agrees with me :slight_smile:

I can’t imagine managing without them.

Every now and again, everything in a rental is likely to need attention above and beyond bunging in the washer. Keep duplicates of everything not just sheets and towels (include pillows, mattress covers, shower curtains, duvet covers, cushion covers … everything). Imagine what you’d do if a guest called you in the middle of the night and said that they’d dropped an open 2 litre bottle of Coca Cola on the bed - they’d need replacements for just about everything on the bed - within a short time. (Of course, it could be much worse than Coca Cola but let’s not dwell on that…)

Keep duplicate items as ‘turnover kits’ in strong plastic bags or bins. Then just take them to the rental, make the beds with the new stuff and put the dirty stuff into the bags or bins. I can’t imagine the faff of same day turnovers if the laundry had to be done within the time frame available.


Just curious, for those who have multiple sets and don’t wash linens the same day as cleaning… when do you get them done? Do you have like 6 sets of sheets and a million towels and do laundry once a week? Or do you just wait for a big break between guests and spend a full day on laundry? Or do you just take all the laundry to your own house and wash it there later (for whole house rental hosts)? I’ve always wondered how people do this, especially if they have a pretty full guest calendar.

I have 2 sets of sheets for all beds, but mostly just for emergencies if something gets ruined or stained. But I do all linens on the day of checkout while cleaning. I use the fast wash setting on my washing machine, so the loads are quick, but it still means that I can’t finish the cleaning in less than about 2.5 hours (part of which I’m sitting and waiting for the dryer to finish.)

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I’m the same with you whole house rental. I do all the cleaning while the washing is on. I change the beds to the spare sheets. Then I put the dryer on which takes 1:30-2 hrs and leave. I dont wait for it as its a waste of time I just sort everything at the next checkin.

Our whole house rental does not have a w/d in the unit. We have 5 sets of sheets for 1 Queen sized bed. We have 3 sets of sheets for the twin sized sofa bed which doesn’t get used as often. We have a local laundry pick-up and deliver twice a week or we bring them down ourselves. It’s a by the pound and it’s an extra expense, but my husband was doing all the laundry and it saves his sanity. He still does the towels as they are too heavy to make it cost effective. He also does the pillowcases as they most often need stain treatment and the laundry doesn’t really do that.

We’ve got a bit of a routine which works for us as both of our rental apartments are on the ground floor and we live above. Can’t imagine not getting it all started same day as changeover.

Towels go straight into the WM in the communal laundry room and sheets straight into the WM in the laundry room upstairs, hour and a bit later all hung out on the roof terrace. Only hiccup is with seriously stained stuff, like make up etc, or stuff where staining doesn’t come out after a wash. We can narrow certain nationalities down by the extent of make up staining on linen and towels… :wink:

Obviously if both apartments changing over on same day it’ll be a couple of washes each as both WM’s are domestic models.


We don’t wash the comforters and blankets after every guest. Just sheets and towels. Comforters and blankets every third guest or so.

Like others have said doubles of everything. Be careful to mark the clean stuff as “do not use” or have it locked. Guest will end of using extra linens.

Does your washer have a quick wash cycle. That helps

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I switched to all white sheet sets. I have 4 sets each. Same with towels (10 sets) and 5 bath mat and tub liner sets. 2 of the same comforter sets per bed. I try to time my washes to take advantage of my solar hot water and to double up on washes when only 1 or 2 guest use the suite.

We don’t wash the comforters after every guest anymore either but we have duvet covers that we take off and wash each time. Some people are stinky and get their stench all over the comforter plus hair.

I currently have two sets of sheets for each bed, the quilts, sheets and towels are always washed between guests. I’m thinking the washer and dryer are just taking too long. I have a machine set at my home, but because of constantly washing pet stuff. I don’t feel like taking the risk in getting pet hair on the guests side. Any recommendations on faster washers and dryers?

The quick wash takes 45 minutes usually! Not so quick

We have 5 sets of sheets for each bed and 8 sets of towels for each bedroom. What has saved us is finding a laundry service that picks up/drops off on Tuesday and Thurday for a reasonable price (sheet price is $2.25 and pillow case is $ 0.78 Canadian dollars washed and pressed). Monthly charge for pick up and drop off is $25. If we want we can also drop off sheets if the Tuesday or Thursday doesn’t work for us. I wash the towels which are easy and with extra sets I can let them soak in oxy-clean if stained. If you can find a place to wash and press your sheets, I highly recommend as it helps prevent burn out!


You can get ink completely out if you treat it with isopropyl or rubbing alcohol before washing! If you dont have that, you can use hair spray!

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I have a large machine and do two beds worth of linen together. Sometimes I wait a day or two for a check out. I couldn’t stand the machine going every day.

I’m the worlds biggest procrastinator, but I absolutely have to start laundry immediately after I come home from the turnover. I find it’s the best way to avoid unpleasant surprises (stains that don’t come out, something that got caught up inside the washer and torn, etc.) before I head back to do anither turnover. I do have a washer dryer at the listing, but very rarely use it, as it’s much smaller/less efficient than the one I have at home.