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How do I remove these guest from my house?



And that ID she wants so badly; I would have all mail held at the post office for your pick up, I think they would just break into a simple locked mailbox, hold the ID until they have moved out and the locks have been changed. I certainly would not hand it over.
Others can correct me on this, but using your address she has proven tenancy, and YOU have to prove otherwise.
Seriously if you believe a piece of paper demanding they vacate will get these two out, you are a “magical thinker” it appears only leverage you have is the ID.
Assume every word they tell you is a "lie’, you have a zero guarantee that they will leave once she has her ID.


The IDs could be excellent leverage, if they are real.

It’s also possible they made up the story about the IDs as a way to stall for time until the magic day they become tenants, in the eyes of the law, and then they will have free housing for MONTHS. How nice for them. :wink:

I think the OP is overwhelemed and has become immobilized. I hope she wakes up soon, and realizes she needs to get creative about removing them from the house.

Tick tock, tick tock…time is running out!!!


I agree, so much good advice in this thread and the OP seems to be ignoring the bulk of it for some inexplicable reason. If they have not yet got to 30 days why is he/she bothering with a lawyer as there’s no need, just be ready to change the locks next time they go out and leave their posessions outside for them to collect & do not interact with them any further. If they stand outside shouting just call the police. Easy peasy, end of problem.


because the girl is mentally disabled and having the paperwork I signed, I don’t know what would happen if I lock them out? are we now landlord-tenant not? if she is tenant by the law, will it be a wrongful eviction? will I have liability for anything happen to her after she is on the street?

what is the worst case for this? can she sue me for the suffering from homeless by the illegal eviction resulting me to lose 10k or even 100k $$?

I know people saying I can take off all the reason they wanted to be in here, but if it is landlord-tenant relationship by the law, and I play music in the house or do anything bad to try to move her out, will it considered as discrimination or harassment? can the court order me to leave my house while her tenancy because she is being ”abused" by me? or fine me a huge dollar?

right now I am even afraid to being un-polite because of the discrimination risk

I am still waiting for my lawyer to confirm what I can do, maybe need until 10AM or something


Difficult to bear but cheaper than the attorney and quicker than the eviction—pay them to leave!!! If they don’t accept begin @Flyboy foghorn toots every 15 minutes.


and currently I don’t even know I have rights to refuse her mail anymore ,if by the law we are already landlord-tenant relationship, I cant cut off any of the essentials, which is power, water and gas, but I assume will the mail also part of it? if I go to USPS, and telling the officer that I want take of her on my address, I need to explain , if I say she is not living in this house then I am lying because she is physically living in here, what is the reason I should use?

its just too much to lose because I have my assets can be under a lawsuit , and I dont know well how this nation works , I been U.S only for 3 years, and those fear from legal are stooped me to to anything but worry


the other thing is, I believed that the personal injury lawyer and tenancy lawyer are free, but a defense lawyer is not , and she can get so many assist for free because her income and disabled, can she just keep making frivolous lawsuit to me and make me keep spending money to hair a lawyer to defense? what world quickly drain my deposit because a lawyer charge me $300/hr to me but free to her . she can make me lose so much money without even win in the court


Mentally disabled? Not your problem.

If the only copies of the paperwork are yours (you did not give her copies) I would just destroy them & if she’s not hit the 30 day limit there’s no proof she is a tenant. Don’t bother with a lawyer, lock them out and get rid of them.

Again if the only copies are yours I would destroy them and not tell your lawyer tomorrow about them. You need to consider that a lawyer has self interest in generating work for themselves so may advise costly things that are not neccesary.

You are being too ‘nice’ and non-confrontational & getting walked all over. Personally I’d be going down the hired goons route.


if I did anything wrong, to move her out in a illegal way, will I be responsible to anything to her until she reside with other host? for example, she can ask the payment for the hotel, or she can say she was only able to live in a car and robbed by someone on street ,lose her TV and laptop with is $2000, or ,can she ask her doctor say her mental illness ( I don’t know what exactly ) was getting too worse from the stress I gave to her, she wanted to suicide ask to pay for the mental damages?


the agreement for laptop ,she took a picture and that’s it. but should be a enough proof, an d even without it , if I am in court and the judge ask me if I ever signed such a thing ,I cant lie to the judge, that’s not how I am as a person and I believe its very serious crime


I will first to get an half hour with my lawyer ,waiting to call until 10:30, that is now too much cost

they charge 125$ for half hour consultative but $1500 for eviction and another $375 if need to go the court

if I got the answer is yes I can lock her out ,I will do it , if the answer is I need a formal eviction process ,I will try the “cash for keys”


Update: just finished talked with one of the lawyer, the lawyer said she is eviction only and don’t know about the lodger law,she will ask the attorney and call me back, I will try to ask other lawyer as well


Sounds odd. they haven’t paid you any money and don’t have a tenancy agreement.


Seems like a lawyer who does evictions should know the difference between tenants and an Airbnb guests. May want to get a second opinion.

At this point cash for keys may be your best option.


…or she could kill them and hide the bodies. :stuck_out_tongue:


I would try to call the police and explain the situation. She is in your property and not vacating. See if they can remove her from your place. Good luck and keep us updated.


That is a good idea- cut off all supply if possible.


Yes. Considering the OPs first post on this forum last year mentioned fear of having to go through an eviction process this entire thread is straining credulity. Apparently people are enjoying tossing their advice into the void that is this thread.


no , I explained all my concerns.


Virtually every person who replied to this OP had the same advice - but the OP ignored it all and then went to a lawyer who does not know about the tenancy laws that cover everything from tenancy to evictions (typical, for example, when you ask a lawyer outside their field of expertise). I too join the crowd who thinks that this is a bogus ‘problem’ - perhaps the person who is talking about a guest they are hosting is actually the guest in someone else’s home, and wondering about their own tenancy?

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