How do I quote a post?

How does one quote another post in their reply here? Sorry, but I can’t find any explanation of how to use various functions here and search turned up nothing.

Highlight/select what you want to quote and a quote button will appear.

Like this. Start a response, as I’ve done here. Then use your cursor to highlight the text you want to quote from the previous post. When you do that and take your hand off your mouse button (or off your touch pad), a box appears above the strip of text with a quote symbol on it and the word “quote.” Click on the box. Codes for creating the quote, including the quoted text, then appear in your response.

Thank you both. Got it now. I’m not used to having to start the response before selecting the quote on other forums- there’s usually a quote button right under the post, but I know different sites function differently.

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You don’t actually need to do this. You can simply highlight your chosen quote, hit reply and then post beneath your quote in the box that has popped up.

If you want to respond to another quote, follow the same process, hit reply gain and it will pop up for you to respond below it.


You can also drag through a posted response – a Quote blob appears. Scroll down and open new text box, and the selected text appears.

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