How do I find out what my daily rate was 2 years ago

I’m trying to find out what my daily rate was in March in past years. The AirBnB calendar won’t let me select a date in, for ex, March 2018 to find out. There surely is a way to do this, no?

Even so simple a task as navigating to previous years is difficult. Certain calendar views won’t let you view past years.

If your rate didn’t change much or often, then open up an old reservation for the nearest date and you’ll be able to see the rate for that reservation.

Edit: I only tried this on a desktop, but when I look at the reservation details, the nightly rate shows up right under “Payout”

Performance Tab —> Occupancy & Rates --> Average Nightly Rate Tab

  • You will need to put in dates that you want to see them for (e.g. March 2018) in the date box on the top right and,
    -if you have more than one listing, you will need to put it in the listing name box on the top left or you will just get an average of all your listings.

Sorry, on my pic, I didn’t click on the ‘nightly rate’ tab but you can see where to do it.

edit to add:

Here is the screen with the nightly rates. If you hover your cursor over the dots on the graph, it will give you the nightly rate for individual nights. Otherwise, you can get an average for your date span that you set.

Thanks Brian_R170. I wish it were a more “consumable” view of the data, but certainly better than I was able to find on my own. I appreciate it, thx.

Your view, with the Performance pick, is different than mine: I have Progress (and no Team menu pick). My Progress view doesn’t a menu pick for Occupancy. Seems like I’ve seen something about an average rate, but now can’t find it again.
I’ve seen others complain about the AirBnB site’s usability, so I’ll spare my and your time to do that again. Anyway, thanks for responding.

It sounds like you don’t have Professional Hosting Tools turned on. Do you know where to do that? I could guide you through it if you’d like. (it’s easy!)

If you would be so kind!!

Okay, go to your profile pic in the upper right hand corner of the website page and click on it. You should get this drop down menu:

Now, click on “Account” and you should get this page:

You can see the option for “Professional Hosting Tools” at the very bottom. Click on that :slight_smile:

Then, after you turn them on, you should be able to find the other screens I showed you with the Progress tab, etc. But let me know if you have any trouble.

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I once was lost (in AirBnB’s website), but now have found (using professional hosting tools!) the average nightly rate that I charged in March 2019. And now I know to at least start at that rate now that I’ve opened up March 2020.
JJD, thank you; you may take the rest of the day off.


Hi JJD (or anyone really), I’m asking now about the way my calendar displays. Since activating pro hosting tools, my calendar displays only in a horizontal strip, not in the month-at-a-time view that I normally use. I can only see 2 1/2 weeks at a time.
Do you know how to change the way the calendar displays? I’ve tried every trick I know, to no avail. Thanks in advance!

This works for me on my computer. I haven’t tried it on my phone.

Go to the Calendar listing, where you see one line for each property or listing. At the beginning of the line, you see the property’s or the listing’s name. Click on the name and you’ll see a more standard view of a calendar for that one listing.

Thank you RebeccaF, I knew it was in there somewhere!

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