How do I agree to latest covid 19 safety practices

Hello everyone,
I received the urgent email for my agreement to the latest Covid 19 safety practices otherwise they say that they can freeze my calendar. But I cannot see where I push a button to say I agree. Does anyone know how to do it?

Did you try logging onto your hosting side of your account? I think the thing you had to read and agree to was there? It’s been awhile since I did it…

Log onto your host dashboard, click on performance and then click on cleaning. It should be there.


Well that answers the question of whether or not Airbnb would enforce their cleaning protocol mandate! Good to know but probably still bothersome for many hosts. After reading the thread where one host is still turning around his listing in 4 hours, I see that people are not getting that some of this is for their own safety. While I still do not like some of the ambiguous requirements of the cleaning protocol, I am accepting that both hosts and guests need guidance!

Thank you all for your time. It seems that hosts that have already agreed to the initial enhanced cleaning protocol as myself are just being reminded with this email. The ones that hadn’t agreed to the enhanced cleaning need to agree now if they want to continue which in my opinion is the right thing to do for the protection of everybody!


I don’t like being told what to do. I pushed back on this.

But I after a while, like most hosts, I realized that a lot of these steps were already in place!

This means that Airbnb cleaning standards exceed most hotels. It means that I can recommend Airbnb without hesitation.

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