How do guests upload Govt. ID after they have created a profile?

How do guests upload Govt. ID after they have created a profile?

I require Govt. Photo ID uploaded on their guest profile as a requirement to book and lately I’ve been getting guests that want to book but don’t have the ID.

I hate to have them call Airbnb right now and tried to find step-by-step instructions but couldn’t.

Anyone know how or to provide the url with info?

It’s halfway down this page:


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Thanks but that doesn’t match the current interface plus I’m hesitant to provide a link to a website that is not Airbnb. I think that is for when you first set up an account, not to add an ID.

Why? Are you actually accepting bookings right now?


My go to is always Airbnb Help, it’s a bit clunky but does cover most of the basics around this sort of stuff @Lynick4442

It has some troubleshooting tips for your guest at the end if they are having problems uploading their ID

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Yes. I am getting many inquiries but all newbies. I ask many questions and if they are taking this seriously I am allowing the booking. I also lowered my rates, changed the minimum booking to 3 days, added a day before and after to prepare.

I’m also trying to find a roommate instead but since I am not offering access to my kitchen (only the kitchenette) and asking a bit more than others and only allowing 1 person. It’s really not sustainable for me to have a roommate vs STR.

Today I applied to be a grocery shopper. I have worked for myself for over 20 years. Very humbling. I’m hoping the new bill covers self-employed and gig economy workers (and that Airbnb falls under that.)

FYI - I’m less worried about catching the virus because I’m pretty sure I had it in February after a flight home (negative flu, strep and nothing in bloodworm). Doctor couldn’t test me. And I live alone.

As I recall, the site walks you through it when you click on “verifications” on your profile. There is an option to do it on a computer or a smartphone. Use the phone. Don’t even attempt it on a computer.

I’m noticing more and more times I have to use the app. Will this crisis be the end of Airbnb on computer. Or will Airbnb on the website just exist but with no support…like Windows 7? Fine unless you need support. LOL.

It’s easy. When they create their account they upload a picture (front and back) of their driving license.

Funny, I feel the same way about the app - to be avoided and not useful. I’ve only used it twice ever. And it was only to check messages when I was away from my computer. It’s interesting that it is so opposite.


Me too! I get super annoyed with the app, but then I prefer to do most tasks on the computer vs. my iPhone.

The reason it sucks on a computer is because you also have to take a photo of yourself, and the web software needs to take the photo in real-time, you can’t just upload the photo. This is so they can “verify” that the person uploading the ID is the same as the person on the ID. Phone apps are fine with cameras. Web apps on a PC, not so much.

I use the app for notifications only. Everything else is just too cumbersome. The notifications do work most of the time, and I usually have my phone with me when I’m not in front of my computer.

Unfortunately, Airbnb does not require them to include their ID (but I do as a requirement for booking) Once you are verified it’s not as easy or obvious to upload.

And then they can change their name to Mickey Mouse!

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Yes but you can require in your house rules that their profile picture be a picture of themselves without glasses, hats, etc and with their legal last name… I think it may only be with IB but I do enforce this. I also as for their legal last name, mailing address and age for them and any other guest that is staying or visiting. For guests staying or visiting I also ask for a selfie. I think this greatly reduces bad actors and third part bookings. . I used to ask for Govt. Id sent to me but a guest complained and Airbnb said that I had 24 hours to take off or I would be shut down unless by law I was required