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How did you select a name for your unit?


I want to a brand/name my rental. My sense of humor is very left of center and my two attempts are total flops:

  1. Brightly colored art picture of a parrot fish
    Unit name: Parrot’s Nest NMB

I showed it to a few people and the responses were “ok name, why a picture of a fish?”


  1. Art Picture of a palm tree arching over a chair on the beach. There is a book beside the chair. Unit name: Palm Readers
    Two neighbors immediately told me I could not open a business there (I guess looking at the picture to understand the title was not a good idea—I’m left of center.)



I need HELP! Please share how you named yours so I can get an idea of what will work!!!


Why do you need a name?


I guess for the same reasons most hosts name their rental. I want to be easily findable/recognizable among the crowd of >3,000 area rentals on Airbnb.


I certainly didn’t know most Airbnb hosts named their listings. The vast majority I’ve seen describe key benefits rather than give their listing a name. ie Lakeside cabin in the wilderness or similar.

Anyway if you tell us a bit about your listing, what makes it special and your target market, I’d be happy to try and help.


I thought about how I wanted my guests to feel in the space - cozy, relaxed, at home. I thought about the attributes of my listing - small, simple design, in the heart of downtown neighborhoods, on the second story, where you can hear the birds and church bells. I can’t recall the other names I entertained, but I went with “Nested”


Nice brand positiong there @Allison_H


@Allison_H. Good feedback. Thank you


My house is built on the site of a lost historical landmark, so I call my house after that. Since there is a historical marker in my front yard, guests make the connection.


If you like Parrots Nest then use it and put in an image of a parrot. Palm Readers gives the impression you read palms. We take a more direct but less humorous approach. We’re “The Solar Powered Home” since 100% of our electricity is from the sun. I haven’t really done any marketing with that though, just a title on Airbnb.


Good thought to talk about attributes:

There are 2: 1 BR 1BA & a 2BR/2BA

First floor; truly no steps, you can roll your suitcase in which is uncommon at the beach (who would think that 12 ft above sea level was above the flood plane)

Recently rennovated (I’m trying to finish up the 1 BR unit next week)

Comfortable furniture you can lay on, put your feet up

Quiet neighborhood on the intracoastal waterway
Close to attractions & dining & shopping

1 mile to beach (FREE parking & public beach accesses with bath facilities or portapotties every block so easy beach access)

2 nice pools & a hot tub

Beach experience with out the beach crowd (unless you want it)

Here are the listings (please be kind about the pics—in the fall I will get professional ones, until then these will have to do)

I tried reading the reviews for ideas: many comment on the good location. I think being there is good for my soul.

Ideas are welcome! Brainstorming is good. I guarantee any thing you put out there will be better than Parrot’s nest & Palm readers which NO ONE understood.


Use key benefits/allude to local attractions in your listing title. This will encourage booking. No need to be cute with names with puns etc…


Now there’s a good name :smiley:


I list my 4 entire homes on 4 booking sites so I made sure that they each had a name. I have had many direct bookings because potential guests can look at the reviews I have received on these sites but can find me via google. My houses have the name they were given over 100 years ago and people remember them. This week I have 8 lady golfers who have rented 2 of my properties with a direct booking so I did not lose $400 in fees.


Yeah – the 2br/2ba… listing name sounds like a real estate listing, not a welcoming vacation spot. And Palm Readers sounds like a place that the gypsies hang out and tell fortunes.

Personally I like your Parrot’s Nest with the fish; but then I’m a big fan of Parrotfish as well as parrots. Too bad the picture doesn’t have the fish in a nest…

Water, Water, Everywhere
Little River Hideaway (if you’re close to it)

I don’t know where you are in NMB, but there’s a lot of local history to play from there – Wampee, Brick Landing, Dunn Sound, etc.

Our listing is a poolside cabana, and I prepare cooked breakfasts for the guests, so we became Poolside Cabana With Gourmet Flair


All good ones…actually my friend Charlie’s listing in Little River is Littlle River Hideaway…see proves it’s a good one.


Keeping in line with some of the ideas so far; what about:

Quiet Waters

Bridgetender (the 1 BR has a pretty bridge view)

Peaceful Easy Reeling (for those Eagles fans who fish - we have docks on the waterway)

Serenity Stay

Coquina Casa (Coquina is the crushed mix of sand & sea shells dredged out of canals & the intracoastal waterway - I guess if I have to explain it, it isn’t a good choice)

Boat watcher’s (1 BR has view of waterway)

(ABC) Anne’s Beach Condo

Dock sitters

Mother’s wish (I used a small inheritance for a downpayment—too personal. I’d cry every time I explained it)


And share how you named yours!!!


We didn’t. :slight_smile:

And I had a branding / design company for many years. These days, for most of us, the majority of our leads come from the web. This changes matters enormously. (It doesn’t matter if we use Airbnb, Homeaway, our own websites…).

So even though I’m a huge believer in branding, we did not give our rental a ‘name’. This is for internet search reasons. Our listing title is purely descriptive. Sure, we don’t do the realtor-type thing (2B 2B etc.) but fancy names don’t sell on the internet. To me (just my opinion) it’s a waste of time.

We have a brand in that in our rentals we have certain items that have a logo which is exclusive to us but we don’t use it online.


I’d go for Parrot Fish Paradise. I know what a parrot fish because I grew up in the tropics and my dad would catch them spear fishing but not sure other people would. They look, and taste, delicious.


For reasons of which I am not entirely sure why people with homes by the sea tend to name them more than others. A popular seaside home name here is “Girt by Sea” because our national anthem has the words: “Our home is girt by sea”.


Our place is named “Burma Park on the Bench”.

One of our favorite books due to it’s exceptional humour took place at a fictional British country estate called Burma Park and the hero (Bartholomew Bandy) of the story instantly fell in love with the estate when he crashed his WW I plane in its field. The grounds were breathtaking and the house was well worn and quirky - this discribes our home perfectly.

We added “on the Bench” because our house is build on a bench (hill) with cascading vineyards surrounding it. Our friends refer to it as, The Park or Park on the Bench which is also a little play on words as typically benches are in a park. No… we have no benches on the grounds.

Have fun naming your place - we were pleased as punch when we finally had a place worthy of naming, just makes it a little more special I think.

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