How can we hosts help airbnb to lobby for financial help for hosts?

I applaud the effort to help hosts in this time of crisis by airbnb. What can we, as individual hosts, do to help airbnb to get action on this issue?

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Tweeting their accounts. Deleting ours from the platform en masse. They have community forums and know full well how we feel and what the impact is. I don’t think they lack motivation.

It would help me if they could provide superior service once peoe begin traveling. If they would lower their fees it could make. Airbnb more affordable for those who are still having to travel. They could hire hosts to be remote CS folk.


Super Duper Hosts? Not a bad idea

I was thinking more on the lines of sending congressmen etc emails.

As Airbnb hosts we are very low on the their list of concerns. Any relief they provide would be broad based.

What would a message to my congresswoman say? I’m sure if you provide a draft like pressure groups do some here would be happy to do it and there are many lurkers.

I’m not a good writer but I would be happy to use a draft from others.

I could try but I need to know what to say. You don’t seem to have a clear objective.

Congress members respond best to specific requests. General “help me, I don’t have any money” isn’t effective. What is unique about our situation that is going to get their attention? What is the great injustice that requires government remedy? I don’t mean this isn’t to be snarky, I mean sincerely, when Congress members are going to be inundated with pleas for help and “petitions,” any message needs to try to stand out.

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I have already written to my congresswoman twice (she is the vice-chair) and knows me personally. I have shared my experience with Airbnb and the hardship I am facing. Unfortunately Congress is only one branch of the the government.

Yes and right now the 2 houses of Congress are working at cross purposes. But still, a message with our concerns isn’t nothing. What did your message ask for?

Lots of other businesses are hurting, and most of them pay a lot more taxes and employ a lot more people than STR hosts.

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Paying more taxes does not make a business more important, we are all needing help.


I explained to her how I have lost my income and that I don’t qualify for unemployment and my STR insurance doesn’t cover the loss of income. I reminded her that I’m part of the gig economy and right now I’m not hearing much about compensating us.


Do you suppose they will just lump us in with everyone else and say “you got a US Treasury check, that’s it.” Would a 1% interest loan help? Some people are speculating on Airbnb extending some sort of loan arrangement. Of course that means eventually being able to pay it back.

I had heard talk about 0-1% interest bridge loans. Would be interesting to see

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Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking too. What concerns me is that if the tourist industry gets a bailout and if Airbnb is included in that, will any of the money trickle down to us. (IE: the very vague letter we all got yesterday from corporate.)

Oh, some will. But not the big share. Corporate bailouts come first. You can bet your @ss that all that “nothing to see here, folks” BS was so the insiders getting info in late Dec could liquidate as many assets as possible. Don’t tell me Trump wasn’t looking out for himself first and foremost.


No argument from me.

I haven’t read the article yet but thought you might find this interesting (or perhaps a chuckle)

EVERY business I have now is part of the gig economy. I get nothing if they all go bust. Well, possibly food stamps, but who knows…