How can I get Airbnb to remove a review?

The guest came one day early (literally just walked into the house). The room was not ready but we said we would accommodate her, clean the room around her (unpacked!) stuff. The next morning she left at 7 am saying that “she forgot her airplane was leaving one week early” (no I am not making this up!). She asked us to refund the nights she initially booked but didn’t stay. While that’s not our policy we agreed to be courteous. She then contacted Airbnb to get a refund for the rest of the money as she “didn’t stay a full night” (technically it was 5 pm to 7am).

Now she left us a one-star review including one star for cleaning etc. We contacted Airbnb to remove the review but they said it doesnt violate any of their policies. Any suggestions? Thank you!

I don’t think there’s anything you can do unless the review violated Airbnb’s terms.

I’m so sorry that you got a bad rating and lost out on the income, and all for trying to be courteous and accommodating to the guest.

The more I read this forum, the less likely I am to ever give a refund again. I will tell the guest to talk to Airbnb and let them sort it out.

I did give a partial refund of my cleaning fee once because the guest showed booked for 7 people but only 2 people could make it due to weather. The guest did not ask for a refund, I did it to be nice because they would not be using most of the space, and it worked out fine, but I’m not sure I would do it again.


If anything like this happens again (the guest arrives a day early), I suggest immediately calling Airbnb for help. This guest was at your home on a day when she didn’t have a reservation. Strictly speaking, your doors should have been locked, and you shouldn’t have let her in until her reservation got sorted out through Airbnb. Even though Airbnb’s host protection isn’t generally all that “protective,” if any damage/loss to your property had happened while she was with you on an unreserved day/night, you would have had no Airbnb protection at all.

As for the bad review, I agree with @Brian_R170. There’s probably nothing you can do.

But you can—and should—honestly, factually, and succinctly—explain the circumstances in your own review of this guest. I would also check the “No, I wouldn’t host again” box for her. You can say basically the same things in your response to her review. But keep it brief and factual.


I’m just thinking about this again. She came 1 day early, then left the next morning. I assume you didn’t do a reservation alteration that would show she came one day early, so she actually didn’t stay any of the nights she booked. That’s probably why she thought she could get away with refunding the rest of the money. I hope you at least get paid for 1 night.

Still trying to understand the game, though. Either she was crazy or she was trying to scam you somehow.

This is horrible. I don’t care if she is an idiot or a scammer I hope you warned your fellow hosts. She probably gave a 1 star review because she expected to get one. This is one of those cases where I would keep harassing Airbnb until they removed her review.

And sorry to be unkind but you need to get a grip on your rental and on policies. I have no idea how someone arrives a day early without paying. And now you’ve learned not to ever refund unless you are at fault. I feel like you are probably pretty new, not that many reviews and this woman was a scammer who targeted you.


Whi is also why I would ask Airbnb to remove the review. It was not for her experience DURING the booked night(s).


All you can do is write a rebuttal.

That would be logical, but Airbnb isn’t logical. Remember that Airbnb allows guests and hosts to review each other for reservations that are cancelled withing 24-hours before check-in.

Airbnb said that the review would stand because it doesn’t violate their policies. We will call a few more times and see what happens. The problem I have with it, is that its simply not right. She wasn’t honest and it was not our fault that she would came a day early!!

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I am WELL aware. It doesn’t mean there aren’t some CMs who will remove it if the stars are aligned for OP. But if OP doesn’t even ask, it definitely won’t be removed.

ETA stats pun not intended! Lol. Enjoyed now That I see it!